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To Shield or not to Shield

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    April 16, 2018 2:39 PM PDT

    MauvaisOeil said:

    Lovethemdead said:

    Ok here is how I feel as a war I think 2X1h is the only way to go....If war have to drop a wep to be able to tank then, why not just have a pally tank it.. They alway have better snap agro and will be using a sword and board any ways... 


    This is not EQ you know, there is no known status about "aggro snap" comparison over tank classes.


    I hope attack speed and riposte works similarly to EQ with relation to weapons.  Meaning, using a 1h+shield or 2hander results in less attacks per second and less riposte damage taken than using two 1handers.

    This relates to the quoted post because if riposte works the same, then there needs to be a benefit to using two 1handers... and it makes sense using two 1handers would do more damage.  And by association, more damage could mean more aggro generation. 

    Coming full circle, Lovethemdead has an arguement that using two 1handers is the most valuable setup in a group so that the warrior generates maximum aggro in order to permit the group to do maximum damage without pulling aggro.

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    April 16, 2018 3:37 PM PDT

    Will aggro be a battle for every inch ? Will damage matter a lot ? Will skills use both weapons or only main hand damage for the threat modifier ?


    Many unsolved question can make Dual wield a marginal benefit on aggro, a dangerous drop of defense, or the inverse.

    I don't mind tanking with two weapons or a big smacker, but I can hardly see why there would be shields if they aren't usefull for damage mitigation, and thus to ease the tanking role.