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Dragon Accord observations

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    March 26, 2019 2:51 PM PDT

    Temmi said:

    I think there's more than just correlation. There's also several hundred years of evidence at that time pointing to the possibility that the Dragons cannot or will not appear in the mortal realm with any frequency, though that could just be due to the fact that we don't have a bigger picture of the lore yet.

    My interpretation is that the Emissary only prevented Rok'Nhilthamos from spilling blood that was not intended to be spilt: the blood of the mortals. Rhy'Khafiros on the other hand, was able to cast destruction pretty freely because the realm of her spire was in danger. So that didn't break the Accord, but the Dragon King doing more than taking vengeance for his fallen sister would have.


    I have to agree with Temmi here. The first time I read this, I read the Emissary's words as "Ok king, you've gotten your revenge and killed the bad guy, that's enough." It seems to me that the dragon accord is in place to restrict the immortals and dragons and protect the mortal races. Since a high mortal initiated the conflict (and violated the accord), the accord wasn't broken by his death. You'll note that the Emissary didn't appear and muzzle the great dragon until he turned his gaze on the Six, after his retribution had been exacted on the Ravaging Lord.

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    March 11, 2020 4:24 AM PDT

    Just when I feel like I'm starting to grasp the lore, I read this thread and realize I'm a drop of water in the ocean.