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    April 4, 2017 6:01 PM PDT

    I would love for the rangers to be range imho, and instead of having a ton of spells(they can have a few of course), but i would love them to have traps, they are natural born hunters, and i believe they should act as such. So you could be in range and maybe use a device to put traps down on the ground, whether it be a stun, snare, a dot of some sort, anything to make it be more than just "shooting your bow."  yes this might seem a little like a hunter in WoW, but I'm really not trying to i believe that they shouldn't have powerful pets if pets at all especially if they get these traps.  I would also like some of these traps to be used a little bit like spells but be lower damage output than spells but with a faster cast time and they cant shot their bow while setting up these traps, and i believe that these traps are a decent amount of your dps and should be varied by what you are fighting, so most traps imo should be situational, Like if your fighting a Creature than is like an Ooze or something magical like this than maybe using poison on it might not be effective since it wouldn't have any blood to transfer it to the rest of the body to make it worse, but a freezing trap that does damage could do full effect since that would make more sense.

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    May 24, 2017 4:00 PM PDT

    I would like to see both melee and ranged be near equal when it comes to damage. Allow a player to specialize one way or the other via AAs. I pray that traps are in game as well!!! I truly loved kiting mobs into ice traps for CC purposes in other games. Even trapping multiple enemies would be, not only a challenge, but a feeling like I've died and gone to heaven (hallelujah amen). I could imagine a ranger doing the job of pulling mobs via bow for the group, kiting one mob to an ice trap, meleeing another enemy and HoTing the tank all while fighting next to the ranger's charmed pet. I'm squealing with excitement right now just thinking about it

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    July 10, 2017 8:53 AM PDT
    I haven't heard anything about rangers being a pet class. I actually recall reading the opposite from VR staff. Do you have any evidence to support this?
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    July 11, 2017 8:46 AM PDT

    YungMasta gets it right.

    I'm going to use a scale of 1-10, 1 being the lowest of said ability by a class in the game and 10 being the best of an ability shown by a class.

    I played EQ since 2001 and have played many games (MMO's) in beta, alpha's and some after launch. 


    There is a problem with the development of the Archer class in EQ and it's a serious one. In EverQuest Rangers are the archer class but they are also the worst done hybrid class because Everquest, and even this game Pantheon follow the "holy trinity" of Tank/Heal/DPS. Utility is always left out and that's due to the fact that no one really likes being a class that can give others buffs but otherwise has no use. Bards were for the most part a Utility heavy class that was meaningful because they effected everyone in the group on so many levels, haste, stats, increase your heals, increase your nukes, invisibility, make you run fast... But you lost all effect shortly after they left the group, like under 1 min. But they were a "10" at utility and a 1 at personal DPS, a "3" at personal heals, and lets say a solid 5 at tanking. Bards were also the least played class in all of EQ, yup.


    The problem with Archery is it's limited to one class as being meaningful, rangers... The worst done class in all of EQ. Because rangers could tank at lets say a 7, heal at 2, DPS at a 7.5 and had personal utility that was ranked around lets say a 6, Rangers were all round a "meh" class and thus in a group or raids were filler. Solo rangers were above most melee classes but every caster class outside of a cleric easily soloed better than any melee class including rangers (devs bias?).

    In a game where you if you are not great at at least 1 of the 4 major roles you find yourself taking a back seat, you find more jokes describing your class than positive invites to groups and so on. Paper tanks, ranaja down... No other class in EQ had such jokes follow them for... 17 years lol.


    I see Pantheon has some of the same Devs from EQ, draws a lot form old eq an thats the relevance in bringing it up here. My hope is to get it across to devs that Archery is something many people want, like magic. Imagine playing a wizard/mage/necro/shaman/druid only to find out you have to do 90% of your DPS through melee... I'd like to use Archery, it's one of the most powerful weapons ever created in the real world, and yet in games like EQ and possible Pantheon it's been treated like it's this confusing contraption that no one understands. Archery changed warfare forever, it changed hunting, forever.

    What would you rather have in a fight, a 2H sword or a bow with arrows... Think hard, put yourself even 6 feet away from someone with a loaded bow aimed at you. You can be killed with in a foot of an archer eailsy. Why so daggers on a rogue considered so much DPS but an arrow that can shot through plate armor IN REAL LIFE is questioned as where on the DPS spectrum it should lane? The answer is because of the worst class ever made in EQ, a hybrid that can't be a "9" at anything because.... well.... because...


    I'd like to see archery is given mainly to rogues and rangers. I'd like to see rogues and rangers be allowed to do DPS at a distance or close up, a massive sustained DPS with a bow. I think Archery should have fletching and poisons go hand and hand. I'd like to see you pick a path with either class making you much stronger with Archery but that the gear reflects your choice, chain hurts your DPS, leather improves it, maybe even cloth on some slots like arms and hands. Let the dual wielding bad joke of a hybrid class version of a Ranger be that dual wielding paper tank for the people that want to be the 4+ tank in a line up.  


    The best times in EverQuest for rangers hands down were when archery was broken and otherwise "working" as players intended. The worst were when I healed myself 20+ times, went OOM and was still only half way healed. Lets not attach a watered down Archery ability to a hybrid class with outdated useless spells again please, it was not fun the first time. 



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    July 11, 2017 9:12 AM PDT

    Bazgrim said:

    sebbulba said:

    I'd like the ranger to be the classical bow-guy. Sorry.

    I also have an idea for the basic mechanic of that class (yeah I'm throwing around a lot of those in the other forums).

    How about this: Every attack you have has different effects on the enemy, depending on how strong you draw the arrow while executing it.

    So, let's say you have a poison arrow. Classic. if you just press it shortly, and do a quick shot, it's a dot on one enemy, no news here. But if you decide to draw it fully (hold the button down for a couple of seconds), it will explode in a gas cloud on impact and hit multiple targets in the area or even creates a puddle that slows everyone in it additionally, dunno.

    Or you may have a blunt arrow. with normal quick fire, it just does crushing damage and maybe gives an armor debuff. With a full draw, it will make more damage and knocks the enemy down.

    I know, you could also just have two attacks for that, but this would create a unique feeling to the class that also makes sense. I'm all about these little things and differences. In many mmos, I have the feeling of just having other icons on my skillbar, but basically, all melees and ranged classes feel very alike in the end.

    I would love for Pantheon to change that.

    That's definitely a good idea, but there's no denying the fact that Pantheon will have auto attack combat and the mechanic you described does not fit with AA. That would be much cooler in an action combat game. I think Rangers will automatically be unique in that they will have the highest auto attack DPS at range. Other classes will either be primarily melee that have to be right in the action to get their dmg in, or casters that deal dmg from a distance, but rely on mana to do so. But the Ranger is the only one that can do sustained high auto attack dmg from a distance. (at least that's what I'm hoping) Of course I'm sure warriors and other classes will at least be capable of using a bow. and auto attacking from a distance. but the Ranger will presumably be the best at it. more range and more damage.


    I disagree, there is no reason to make Archery have auto attack. In fact archery should use endurance and much like we have seen from wizzy spells be a bit slower pace. I think more time should be spent firing arrows that have a purpose, arrows that have poisons that DoT, slow. Blunt arrows that stun or act like short term roots. You can make the whole class with zero mana use and zero auto attacked archery. 

    An archer class through rogue or ranger could be very interesting and easily accomplished. Or I honestly feel we could get the mind numbing, dual wielding horrid tank that casts mostly pointless spells and never does enough dps.


    Wiz/mage/necro/sham/cleric and so on don't have an auto attack that they depend on, why should archery? Auto bow only makes archery that much harder to ballance.