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Ranger Race Restriction - Speculation

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    October 13, 2016 1:09 PM PDT

    Just a little speculation based on previous MMO’s, D&D race/class restrictions and the lore we have so far:


    High Probability:

    Humans and Elves - They’re the traditional ranger races.  The elf lore hints at two types of elves being present on Terminus: the Ashen and the Ember.  The description of the Ember makes them sound like the group most likely to have rangers amongst them.


    Halflings - There may be warriors among the halflings, but it’s hard to picture these little guys in full plate with tower shields.  I could see the race being reliant on rangers as ‘light tanks’ in the early levels until they meet up with the humans and elves who will certainly contain the heavier meat shields.  The traditional “Tolkien” hobbit would never be a ranger, but the halflings of Terminus sound like a very different breed.  Their description depicts them as adventurous.  Those of Maidyn Clan sound like they may have rangers adventuring with them.  And the Nothi in particular are described as “wraith hunters.”  Sounds very ranger-ish.


    Medium Probability:

    Archai - The description of the archai depicts them as noble and adventurous, both traits consistent when the ranger class.  They seem like they will have a natural affinity for physical environments, which is also an aspect of the ranger.  However, nothing I saw in their description really hints to any affinity with the creatures that inhabit those environments.  As the Archai appear to be one of the larger races, I do think it would be interesting to see rangers that were bigger than humans for a change.


    Dark Myr - The Dark Myr are planted amongst the other ‘evil’ races on Terminus (in truth, the Skar are the only race that really appear to be evil in nature, the Dark Myr and the Ogres seem pretty rough around the edges, but probably ‘neutral’ at worst).  I think current AD&D rangers are allowed to be of evil alignment, so depending on VR’s take on the ranger, that aspect of the race may not be an issue.  I put them in the ‘Medium Probability’ bin because they seem like they would be avid hunters, and might have an affinity of sorts for wildlife.  While I’m tempted to put them in the ‘low probability’ bin, some additional speculation at the end of this post will explain why I promoted them.


    Low/No Probability:

    Skar - The Skar are evil and undisciplined, two traits that would seemingly exclude them from the possibility of being rangers.  The only thing they have going for them is that they appear predaceous, and I’m assuming they would make excellent hunters.  I could see the race having an innate tracking ability, but I doubt they will have rangers amongst them.


    Dwarves - Not a traditional ranger race, dwarves always seem to stick to their mines.  I don’t see them as being rangers on Terminus either.


    Gnomes - I think the new gnomes are awesome and I love the lore that’s been made for them.  Gnomes however are typically more ‘intelligence’ than ‘wisdom’ based, and I think that will hold true for the Gnomes of Terminus as well.  They also show no desire to explore the world beyond their home city, only recently in Terminus’ history allowing outsiders to come in and walk amongst them.  I would be very surprised if Gnomes could roll as rangers.


    Ogres - The Ogres come dead last on my list of potential rangers.  If we ever see Berserker’s on Terminus, they will be top of that list, but the Ogres seem as though they will be undisciplined when angered, and nothing really hints to any love of anything, natural or otherwise, in their environments.


    Additional Speculation:

    Travel is supposed to be restrictive, especially in the early levels.  I’m wondering if each of the three continents will have at least one amongst its’ three indigenous races that can represent each of the classes.  For Kingsreach (Humans, Elves and Halflings) there should be no issue finding a ranger nearby.  If the Archai are permitted to roll rangers, then they may be the only ones found on Whitethaw (Archai, Dwarves and Gnomes).  It is hardest to imagine any rangers in the realm of Reignfall (Dark Myr, Ogres and Skar), and that’s the only reason I promoted the Dark Myr from Low to Medium probability.


    Feel free to share your speculation!


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    November 8, 2016 8:48 AM PST

    As long as I can be a Halfling Ranger I could care less about the rest.

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    November 18, 2016 8:52 AM PST

    Yeah Halfing Ranger for me aswell. Prefer a smaller race to play ranger

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    November 19, 2016 6:12 AM PST

    At this point I'm loving the idea of an Archai Ranger.