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Pantheon Community Site Guidelines

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    Pantheon Community Site Guidelines

    Visionary Realms is committed to supporting our fan created Community Sites and their members. We really appreciate all of the effort and enthusiasm that our Community Sites and their readers provide. We believe that Community Sites are critical for a healthy and successful long-term global community. The benefits of being an Official Community Site in good standing include:

    • - Point of Contact - You will be assigned a point of contact - currently the Pantheon Community Manager - Ben “Kilsin” Walters, who will work directly with you on questions and information.

    • - Content Exclusives - Your site will be considered to receive content from Visionary Realms. Official Community Sites will periodically receive content as we have it available.

    • - Forums Access - Official Fan Sites will have special permissions to post in our dedicated Fan Site forums – Which are public forums for you to post your news and announcements in (content related).

    To be become an Official Pantheon Community Site, submit your site name, URL, administrator name, forum handle, and contact email via Your site will be reviewed and added if you are following the guidelines listed below:

    • - Pantheon Only - Community Sites must provide exclusive coverage for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Sites that are part of a larger gaming network (i.e. portal sites) are acceptable as long as the specific portal is devoted to Pantheon and is actively maintained.

    • - Quality Design – An Official Community Site doesn’t need to be professionally designed, but we do ask that the style and look of the page reflects the thorough work that you have invested.

    • - Frequently Updated Content - Official Community Sites must be maintained and updated with quality, original content often. Sites that lapse will be removed from the official Community Sites list.

    • - Established Record - A newly submitted Community Site should be up and running at least 60 days before becoming an official site.

    • - Administrator Contact Information - There should be one person from the Community Site that is the primary point of contact for the Pantheon team. This person needs to have consistently updated contact info. Not providing us with updated contact information for your site’s admin will be considered grounds for removing your site. An active pledge or subscription will also be required to post on the forums.

    • - Domain Name Only - Official Community Site must have a proper domain name and web hosting to be considered Official Community Site

    • - Acceptable Content/Advertising - Official Community Sites must not contain any material that is not compatible with the spirit of our game or the standards by which we run our own official Pantheon site. Additionally, an official Community Site may not have gold selling, power-leveling, botting, or any other form of exploitation advertised on their Community Sites.

    • - General Professionalism - We will not support a Community Site that does not implement best practices in web security, or engages in improper behavior like spamming, selling user information etc.

    Official Pantheon Community Sites must adhere to all of these guidelines to remain in good standing with Visionary Realms and the Pantheon Community Team. Please email any questions or concerns to us at

    We are very excited to be moving forward with this initiative and we look forward to working together with our dedicated Pantheon Community Sites!

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