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    March 24, 2019 5:00 AM PDT

    EQ1 necromancer my favorite class as well :)

    All I remember is even in later expansions, in group/ raid content, always had to watch my aggro, even with AA maxed to reduce it. I also remember other necros who usually solo will also invite other necros (like me). I think its more because of familiarity of the class and mechanics of mob pathing/resists and awareness of 1. surroundings and 2. Other groups in those surroundings 3. others in your group or other groups breaking your dots/cc/rooted/mc mobs. The best groups ive had are those that "grew up" ie leved with a necro. But just being able to help others out with CS ie. a raid 3 zones and a dungeon over that didnt have a necro and getting to them in one piece and getting back home was very exciting in its own right. One thing i like , in eq1, along with the ability to learn how to cast/improve necromancer spells in elder scrolls III, and in other games, was just the pleasure to see what benefits that said ablity has with the improvement of those spells. In eq1 for example, how the necro pet could go from just simply being a form of a dot (for example, fear kiting) to actually being able to tank via aa points, that tranformation of the pet from a "spell" to nonethereal was awesome. I will admit the mage pet gave alot of competition, but as mentioned above, both classes, as well as others as well,  all had their useful utitlities to bring to groups/ raids.  And I have seen paladins , even in the older content ex PoP for example, being able to being main tank. Disclaimer: my necromancer is only level 100 when it became a thing, so ive only played up to one expansion past that, which was some years ago, and we all know that Everquest has so many expansions.