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What "ranging" entails in an extreme world like Termin

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    August 29, 2016 5:13 PM PDT

    I don't think any of the topics here quite focused on this question.

    Rangers are those who "belong" in the wilds, making their homes where others fear to tread, protecting it but also protecting others from it - this is all your typical rangery goodness, but the world of Terminus is interesting because what we associate with "wilderness" can, in this world, vary pretty wildly. We are used to forests and jungles, but this setting is really much more colorful.

    For example, what with parts of other worlds or other planes just raining down on your planet, it is entirely possible that beyond your forest is now suddenly a wasteland of ash and lava, or perhaps the land beyond the river is now an arcane crystal dreamscape - I'm sure these are all things we will see. Do you think the ranger's expertise stops here, or does she simply go further? A survivalist is a survivalist, after all.

    I am personally really hoping for the latter, as it really opens the door for a kind of "Planeswalker" ranger who manages to tame or at least traverse environments beyond the typical greenery.


    Examples of potentially neat things:

    - Foraging for arrow components in different places. Phoenix feathers in fiery environments or ice elemental shards from icy environments could be used to make elemental arrows. Then, you might see a very advanced ranger in the Dwarf starter zone. "What're you doing here?" "Making icy arrows for tomorrow."

    - Studying flora and fauna of various environments to understand the intricacies of their survival - perhaps learn to make survival kits out of particular hides or oils that help you and your allies acclimate faster to a particular environment.

    - Granting your group combat bonuses if you have previously studied the creatures (animals) in that environment - you already know those aquatic creatures are venomous, etc.


    Anyone else? I just really think it could be new and exciting to let rangers apply their usual toolset to a world that has so many starkly different, often unnatural environments.

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    August 29, 2016 7:06 PM PDT

    I agree.  I am also hoping that the ranger class comes with a toolkit of skills and abilities that highlight the idea that they are survivalists and explorers.  I like the idea of creating survival kits.  Maybe a low level alchemy skill?  Or better yet, 'herbology'.


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    August 30, 2016 12:11 AM PDT

    Did you read the thread just below this one?   What a ranger is, what a ranger is not?

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    August 30, 2016 3:07 PM PDT

    Yes, of course I read the thread. It's a very colorful one, but the topics are all over the place and the debate there revolves mostly around archery vs. melee. This is a different topic.

    I believe the ranger should be one of those classes that the less "rugged" classes look to for help, when it comes to acclimating to a dangerous environment. The same way you would look to a rogue for help when navigating a lock/trap-filled dungeon. If the rogue knows how to disable that spike trap, the ranger knows how to avoid that predatory man-eating plant. That is the kind of thing I was getting at; Terminus throws this wide open and the possibilities are staggering.

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    September 13, 2016 7:37 PM PDT
    I agree with this. I was just thinking that rangers (ranging) would know how to survive in the elements. as we know, this game has many environments. some of which are detrimental to most characters. I feel like rangers should be resistant to these environments. At least those that are driven by nature
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    September 27, 2016 11:08 AM PDT

    I would argue that a ranger's survival instinct would apply to all wilderness types but to varying degrees. All survival skills should be able to be used in any setting. However, I would love to see a system in place that affected skills depending on the ranger's exposure to the various wilderness types. I would like to see survival skills that are adjusted depending on how much time the ranger has spent in a particular wilderness setting. In places that resembled the area in which the ranger grew up and trained in, the survival skills would be at their best (or even enhanced). Areas that were different from this, then I would expect that the ranger would suffer from lack of knowledge. Over time that knowledge would be built up until they became an expert and could use the survival skills without penalty.

    I would even like to see area that were similar but had different plant and animal types also have an impact on the ranger’s skills. For instance, if a ranger's initial life began in a deciduous forest, the ranger would feel at home, comfortable and confident in all survival skills and would not suffer any penalties. However, in an evergreen forest (obviously) the plants, trees and animals are different, so the ranger would need to learn what those differences were between the two forest types. This would manifest itself in various ways; maybe losing a trail, not able to find a forage item as easily, doesn’t get as good bonuses from camp fires and the like, etc. The longer the ranger stays in the area, the less of an effect this has until they become experts in that area.

    The way I am thinking this would work is in a similar way to the colour magic mechanic, but it would be applied to the entire region and affect any ability that had a survival element (possibly all skills).  There is no need for this penalty to only affect rangers, either. Any character that spends time in a wilderness setting would naturally learn to use that environment to some degree, so why not have a small bonus or a penalty applied to each character’s general abilities depending on how long they have spent in that environment too? The longer the time spent, the less the impact of the environment would have. This would naturally make new environment more deadly the first time you ventured into them. I would argue that this would be a satisfactory way to introduce jeopardy into a new zone environment.

    Personally I think this would make new wilderness areas a challenge in their own right. Impacting on characters until they learn to cope with the environment.

    I would quite like an examine ability that would help flesh out the survival element in a wilderness. The more you examine, the more you know about the area. Maybe it could be tied to the perception mechanism in some way, so its a passive thing that triggers the first time you interact with a new item or mob?

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