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Species Enemies and Preferred Terains

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    August 19, 2016 1:35 PM PDT

    These are two hallmarks of the pen and paper ranger that rarely get translated into MMO implementations of the class (DDO had favored enemies, but I don't recall prefered terrains).  I was trying to think of ways this could be implemented in game and these are a few of the ideas I came up with:


    Species enemies:  This could work as a type of bane-modifier to attacks.  I don't really like the idea of picking one specific enemy-type, because mobs tend to change drastically from expansion to expansion and I think that if it's a part of the ranger class then it should be something that retains its’ usefulness as the game evolves.  What I was thinking of was being able to select a type of enemy, say orcs, giants, dragons, etc.  Once selected they become your bane enemy and you do extra dmg to that specific type of mob.  This could either be a global damage modifier, a single bane-attack or a set of bane abilities that all use the same modifier.  The modifier would start low, but as you kill more and more of that specific type of mob it would grow until it maxes out at some appropriate value.  If you decide to switch hunting grounds and want to select a new species enemy, then the bane-modifier drops back to zero and you have to start building it up again.  This might capture some of the flavor of a ranger becoming familiar with the inhabitants of the environments they spend their time in.


    Prefered terrains:  This one has been traditionally a little harder to implement, but EQ caught some of that flavor by having the indoor/outdoor distinction for some of the ranger's spells.  With the addition of environments and the colored mana system I think new doors have been opened for implementing this trait.  As with species enemies, I think a prefered terrain benefit should be something that builds up slowly if a ranger spends a significant amount of time in a specific area or climate.  One possible implementation could allow the ranger to acclimate to new environments at an accelerated rate.  The colored mana system might offer another option, although I'm still not 100% sure I understand exactly how it's being implemented.  It appeared that mana was being syphoned from the environment and stored in the appropriate artifact, if a character possessed one.  So if you were in a 'red' mana environment you would gradually collect a cache of red mana.  If the ranger's prefered mana is 'green,'  I was thinking the ranger could have the ability to convert the local mana color to green mana at some reduced rate.  Again, this would be an ability that starts off at close to zero when entering a new mana-climate but then grows to an appropriate transfer-rate once the ranger has spent enough time there.