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Shapeshifting or forms

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    June 7, 2016 11:54 AM PDT
    Of both the great games, Everquest and Vanguard, I have only played one, being Everquest. From that my favorite and main was a wood elf druid. Though I was very young when EQ came out I didn't fully enjoy that game till I was much older.

    That being said druid were fairly under powered. Playing then to now, one new progression servers, it's hard to find groups. Servers being in velious expansion atm. Only good we are atm is Sow, ports, and PLing. Yeah it's cool I can turn my entire group into wolfs and DS, but after that its "can you port is" or back heals and little to no dmg compared to necro/rogue/mage. Not as useful as bard/chanter. So what is pantheon being to the table?

    My thoughts are forms and shapeshifting!

    Granted EQI as far as I know had two, wolf and tree. As I stated in the beginning I have not played Vanguard. I'm going to the roots of druids. Their as masters of nature and some of the most powerful ones can turn into creatures of nature. Most common being panther, boar, wolf, spider, bird, bear, etc.

    I thought it be interesting that Pantheon go to the core roots are druids from paper and pencil. Keeping the feel of EQ and VG but bring new to the table to make our class more dependent in groups and with more advance machanics.

    Please give me your thought and rather you agree or disagree.

    Add a note if shapeshifting and forms are a thought, how should we acquire this from and should their be druid clans that only do one from and we have to do quest line to join those clans to be able to get this form. Can we only join one or many. Please let's have fun wit this topic!

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    June 18, 2016 4:55 AM PDT

    Hi Elderic,

    I like your ideas, I believe Druid should be useful outside of buffs and PL, a fresh start for druid is what is needed, as you said they were not a top line grouping class back in EQ. 

    Shapeshifting is a great idea in my opinion. I'd like to see several creature options but the player be restricted to one choice (maybe this could be a learnt skill). Each creature would have its advantages and disadvantages to being in normal form.

    Just my 2 cents ;)

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    June 28, 2016 2:29 PM PDT
    As an EQ1 Druid and an EQ2 Fury I like the ideas. EQ2 had a few more shape shifting possibilities, and Druid performed significantly better in group settings than in EQ1.

    I like the idea of shapeshifting as a good basis for the class. Versatility based on shape could make them very desirable. Say certain shapes enhance healing and damage shields, certain shapes make the Druid an almost pure dps spec etc. I like the idea and possibilities of making a truly awesome class.
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    June 28, 2016 2:29 PM PDT
    As an EQ1 Druid and an EQ2 Fury I like the ideas. EQ2 had a few more shape shifting possibilities, and Druid performed significantly better in group settings than in EQ1.

    I like the idea of shapeshifting as a good basis for the class. Versatility based on shape could make them very desirable. Say certain shapes enhance healing and damage shields, certain shapes make the Druid an almost pure dps spec etc. I like the idea and possibilities of making a truly awesome class.
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    July 1, 2016 11:01 AM PDT

    I did not play EQ or Vanguard but I have played several other games that either had druids or druid-like spells.  I hope druids have multiple shape shifting options (plants and animals).  However, if it is restricted to just one I would like to make that choice at character creation even if I do not have access to the morph until an upper level.  In one game (single-player) I have played, what the druid could morph into was determined during their rite of passage.  That would be nice for the character's rp backstory.


    In GW2 the Silvari had a druid-like racial ability to become rooted (and invulnerable) for a short period while plant turrets launched damage inducing seeds at the mob.  Not really effective there, but Dragon Age or one of its DLCs had an ability where the character became rooted and became surrounded by an AoE entangle or root that affected all mobs in the area.  I would like to see a morph option like that or an improvement for Pantheon druids.



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    July 1, 2016 5:39 PM PDT

    Aye. To me druids should be masters of nature. That was my reasons for making this post. Like many games i have played, MMO's and RPG. Druids were able to do many things. In EQ druids were great for porting and PLing. After the Expansion Planes of Power came out, druids were basically good for PLing. Granted if played right and having the right AAs a druid was almost as good as clerics. Was only truly ever able to shapeshift into Trees, for mana, and Wolves, Improved SoW. In WoW druids werent second class or kinda useless after an expansion or two. Druids in WoW can tank, melee dps, range dps, and heal. Most of their shapeshifting abilities help them in their selected method of playing. In some older games like Baldur's Gate I and II your able to select different paths at character creation which let you become a Shapeshifter and an Advenger. Granted Shapeshifter gave you alot to choose from. The Advenger however gave you the ability to become a sword spider and take a few mage spells to add to your list of goodies. In Duengon and Dragons Online, druids can do many things and make a great 1000x better just with what they bring to the table. Heck many paper and dice nights playing a druid if i didnt tick the DM off they would let me druid turn into anything i wanted, with in reason. I couldnt at lvl 1 turn into an higher lvl monster. 

    My point is, I love the druid class no matter what the game is. I loved them in EQ, EQII, WoW, DDO, and D&D. I just dont want them to be useless or not wanted in groups. I want druids to bring to the table an aray of goodies that no other class can. If druids can tank, let them be able to tank a certain way. If they can melee dps in a form, then let it be amazing. Just druids are powerful casters, protectors of nature, defends of life, and very strong. I just want them to shin in Pantheon in their very own unqie way!



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    July 29, 2016 5:19 AM PDT

    I dont know, I loved the way they fit in EQ 1 with their ability to really fit any role a group needed. A jack of all trades but master of none which had the possibility of keeping each group a chance at giving a different feel each time. Whether I had to just play pure DoTs and nuke, dispell and play touch up healers, or just pure buffing and healing whenever necessary. None of which required an actual change in form  like WoW to perform that since you were adapting anyhow. It would be nice to see all those weather spells being able to play a greater part would be nice though.

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    July 30, 2016 6:55 AM PDT

    Hello fellow druid speakers. I just made the knight's pledge so new to the forum. Anywho, I played a druid as my main in EQ from 2000-2010. I saw many transitions with the class over the years. I currently play on P99 as Tharkis (halfing druid). Now that you have a mild back ground on me my 2 cents on the druid for this game. 


    I want the versatility I had in EQ, however, I want some more oomph. I am not saying I want to be a level 20 druid nuking for thousands of damage or something. I feel that if a 20 wiz can nuke for say 800 then as a druid maybe I could nuke for say 550. That keeps me viable but not on par. If a 20 cleric can heal for 1K then let the druid and hell even the shaman if they are to be similar heal for 650. It is not as high but it is not pathetically weak. For instance a 29 druid healed fairly well at around 300hp but once the cleric got their next line of spells they got the superior healing and the druid doesn't see that spell until mid 40s iirc. That meant that once the druid was in the 30s they became severly out healed.


    These are just examples. I do like the idea of limited ports and the path choice like what they did in GW2 would be neat.  Play through a story line and then choose a path that fits your play style. That would mean that later in the game the druid could then be utilized in various ways depending on choices made. This could complicate raiding down the line however I feel.

    This is where original EQ had the balance a bit different. All druids had the same spells but you had the specilization at level 30 that let you focus on a particular spell casting. If you were going to be a solo kiting druid you would specialize in Evocation. If you were going to group more you went alteration..or evocation if you intended on being more DPS based. Perhaps they can even manage something like that with a class ability or something that you choose instead. This way all druids are essentially the same but each one can choose a specialized ability that can individualize them to an extent. 

    Ex. Earn and choose the ability of say shapeshift for X amount of time which allows for one of say 3 or 4 choices of what they shift into (wolf, spider,buffalo) which would then allow them to become proficient at an ability. wolf for speed/dex/dodging maybe, spider (though this makes really no sense but just something for example) for spells, maybe buffalo as tank ( I say Buffalo because really the bear is overused but really any strong land animal, or since druid control elements maybe a rock golem or something)

    That would be your shape shifter ability choice

    Perhaps you don't want that..Then offer an increased offensive ability that increases those offensive spell lines but weakens buffs/heals or perhaps the focus is heals and buffs so click the option to increase how strong they are but weaken offensives. Then make it a passive choice where the druid just becomes more proficient at those abilities permanently but at a cost of maybe not being strong with their opposite. 


    In this way the class can be individualized. And maybe even have a neutral option where they choose none of those and just maintain a middle road jack of all where everything is increased by 10%. This way it still offers some upgrade to basic but not as much as choosing a path. These choices would be one time options. So no dancing between them, but allow the option of a quest line that allows for a person to reset their choice. Each ability having a different quest to expunge it and allow a new choice. This would allow the flexibility to change but without making it too easy to do.


    Just some thoughts.


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    September 2, 2016 10:24 PM PDT

    Good ideas Elderic.


    Highly agreed, it would be really nice if Druids had more shapechanging forms (cats, owls, ravens, wolves, stags, bears, etc). Further, allow the form casting on party members as a shape change with an associated buff.

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    November 8, 2016 2:34 PM PST

    I for one really like the idea of a druid at least having the serious option of specializing as a viable tank when in bear form. Their ability to self-heal and hold aggro through dots and other spells would make tanking really fun. It's an extremely unique playstyle. I was one of the first to prove this was actually possible in high end content in DDO was it was very satisfying. When most people hear of druids, they don't think of them as a tank!

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    November 24, 2016 8:41 AM PST

    Lifetime MMO Druid here as well.  I have a slightly different take.  I enjoyed many of the benefits and attributes of shape shifting in EQ and EQII -- in P99 right now, it's almost impossible not to be found running around in wolf form.  My main complaint about the mechanic in general is that it fundamentally has to change the Druid character model from something potentially unique, down to what is usually a very bare bones animal model that is quite generic.  I suppose the problem is inherent to all forms of shape shifting.  

    To me, there may never be a cooler looking character than the old school EQ model Wood Elf druid running around with a Brown Chitin Protector, Runed Mithril Bracers, Black Chitin Leggings, and Golden Efreeti Boots.  I do kind of hate giving up a very cool look for the basic grey wolf.  Of course, I'll gladly do so in group play to maximize efficiency, but in a loot driven game, I wouldn't mind always having the option to gather the benfits while toggling off the actual visual effect.  

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    December 25, 2016 6:58 PM PST

    My wife is really hoping for a bear form for druids.

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    February 6, 2017 9:36 PM PST

    Another career druid here, mainly EQ and WoW.  A few choices for shapeshifting would be a lot of fun.  Maybe a wolf or cat form, for traveling and soloing(kiting), some sort of plant based form that would slightly increase mana regen and healing output with the drawback of being rooted, and especially one for breathing underwater.  I think it would be great if every druid got these spells and you didn't have to "spec" into them as was the case with WoW.  You can speciallize in smaller ways, such as EQ, by tailoring your abilities, playstyle, and equipment stats to your preferance.

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    February 27, 2017 2:43 PM PST

    You know, I just had this idea everyone is going to hate. 

    What if we took shapeshifting in the other direction? So, in EQ you had Wolf Form, eventually Share Wolf Form was available, and it gave a run speed bonus as well as an attack bonus. It was desirable to a lot of melee characters, and while it wasn't enough to give us the, "This is why we want druids in our group" tilt, it was something beneficial that folks kinda wanted (not as much as everything else that everyone else did, but it was something).

    So what if we expand up that "Share X form" idea? Give druids a sizable selection of forms. Wolf, Bear, Owl, Scorpion, Raven, ... whatever.

    Then you give each form different bonuses. Wolf is run speed and attack, Bear is hitpoints and armor, owl is levitation and wisdom, scorpion is poison and attack, raven is levitation and intelligence, etc etc.

    The key here is.. these forms buffs would stack with (some) other similar buffs. So for example wolf form you could add another atk buff to that, but not a second run sped buff. Bear you could add more hitpoint and armor buffs, but maybe not a stamina buff(?). Owl you could add another wisdom buff, but not another levitation buff (because what kind of sense would that make?). Scorpion you could add another atk, but not another poison (although, I'd say while you couldn't add another poison buff, you should still be able to add poison to your blades, if that's a thing).

    Essentially, give forms that allow the druid to buff any class, and do so in a way that is truly beneficial to that class. I mean, wolf form for a mage? What's the point? Why not just use sow? Duration?

    This is something that could give the druid something that every group wants, and everyone in the group wants it. And it would do so without taking anything away from the other classes.

    Of course, you'd need more forms, and more variety in those forms (maybe you have one form that adds int and lev, which your pure casters would want, as well as maybe a form that adds int and minor mana regen [not enough mana regen that it would take away the specialization of the chanter's mana regen, but rather enough that, if there isn't a chanter around, a druid is a good second choice] with the mana regen not stacking with other mana regen). 

    Anyway, just a thought.

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    February 27, 2017 6:45 PM PST

    While I like the idea of forms for people that want to use them...

    ...I played a Druid in WoW and it was annoying that forms were mandatory.  I like the old/ancient Druid groves/orders that existed in Europe outside of Roman lands and then after the fall of the Roman empire.  People in hoods sharing knowledge of herbs and having a mystique about them similar to shamen or medicine men or witch doctors.  Though being this was planet Earth, real magic not being so present, they were probably herbalists and rudamentary alchemists, healers and spiritualists (until the middle-ages where, apparently, all that was left of their orders dwindled and you had the random Human sacrifices and that sort of unfortunate thing).

    But I like the idea of being a wondering semi-hermit holding and studying ancient lore and sharing of the knowledge of the natural world and its mysteries with others of like mind, chiefly Druids and, to a lesser extent, Rangers.

    The problem with forms is that you lose that in games that implement it.

    In WoW, for example, there are no ancient grove type Druids in hoods meeting in ancient woodland clearings to share knowledge and discuss signs and seasons.


    ...there are Druids of the Claw that are 99% of their game time in Bear form as tanks.
    ...there are Druids of the Fang that are 99% of their game time in Cat form as melee dps.
    ...there are Druids of the ???? that are 99% of their game time in Moonkin(Boomkin) form as caster dps.

    ...and, okay, the devs finally got around to saying "we don't like no Druids ever showing off the awesome armor art we've made, so we're revoking Tree of Life form for healer Druids so they have to stand around casting in "humanoid" form.  This was more for PvP than anything (Tree form changed the character type to Elemental, meaning Druid healers in PvP couldn't be CCed as easily as the other healers.  That's mainly why they did it.)

    But, my point is, the Druid players were essentially forced to be in their form AT ALL TIMES in combat.  The forms gave them boosts to various stats, and for Bear and Cat form, actually changed their action bars giving them access to their Bear/Cat abilities like swipe and rake and growl (Bear's tank taunt) the like.  So you couldn't even us those abilities - a tanking Druid couldn't even TAUNT - unless you were in the associated form.

    And given that you had to spec into one of the talent trees to make the form useful (for a while Bear and Cat shared the same talent tree, making Druid tanks also semi-viable DPS in off-tank or tank swap phases - which is why they split them in one of the newer expansions, I believe), it wasn't like having the forms was that useful to you if you weren't that spec with the NOTABLE exception that all Druids could use Cat form and the stealth ability it had (though you'd still be near useless using it for melee dps if you were a caster/healer spec Druid, it was still helpful for doing some quests and exploring out in the world or sneaking in dungeons or even PvP).

    So insted of versitility that you could swap forms to gain, it became your "Okay, PvE time. /press form button, stay in form until you finish the PvEing".  There was no swapping, you just hopped into your form and never hopped out of it until you had to mount (Boomkin can mount in form) or you had to cast a heal or the Druid res spell (as casting would take you back to Human form unless you were casting dps magic in Moonkin - casting healing magic still took you to Human form from it.)


    In this way, I don't like forms as they become a "stance" rather than adjusting to the situation.  There's NO disadvantage to being in a form, or, to put it another way, there's no advantage to being in "Human form".  So because of this, EVERYONE is always in their forms, and the Druid is no longer this wondering nature preserver and worshiper who holds secret knowledge of the green places of the world.  The Druid is now a Cat.  Or Bear.  Or...magic owlbeast...thing.  He is either tanking with fat Bear hide as protection.  Or clawing away as a great Cat.  Or shooting magic from his...magic...owlbeast...magic hands.


    I wouldn't mind forms if they were optional, or came with advantages but also disadvantages such that there's a time and place to use them, and it isn't all the time and everywhere.  If they weren't required, but people who wanted to use them could.  Maybe if you take a form, you gain the form and some abilities with it, but if you instead don't take a form, you gain some other skills and abilities the Druid with the form now cannot get.

    That is, I would like there to be forms for those people that love having and using forms...but I would also like for those forms to not be necessary.  For the sake of those like me who don't necessarily want to use them or be staring for hours at the backside of a Bear/Cat/Magic...Owlbeast...Thing (seriously, even in the lore this never made sense to me! XD) I making sense?  :)


    EDIT: If you've never read it, there's a book series I read years ago that was 5 books: Tallysin (I forget the spelling), Merlin, Arthur, Pendragon, Grail.  (Collectively titled "The Pendragon Cycle")  The first book is what I would describe a Druid and a Bard as.  Merlin is a little hard to read (namely because the middle 1/3rd of the book he's totally insane and so his narration is time skipping all over the place until he regains his sanity), and the latter three books are a little more boring (not to mention the last two seem to happen non-sequentially, yet Grail ends with the vanishing of Avalon per historical myth).

    But the first book is still like the earlier ages of Tolkien's Middle-Earth, where magic and myth still reign.  And the description of the Druids is something more akin to wise men of the clans who share knowledge and possess some subtle (usually, with a few more notable exceptions) and older magic.  And where a Bard can (literally) sing the life back into a dead baby.  Like...legit.  (Though I suppose that could be a minor-spoiler alert there...)

    Anyway, that's the kind of Druid I want to play.

    Not the WoW Bear/Cat/Moonkin/Tree Druids.

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    May 2, 2017 8:22 PM PDT
    I know that my opinion will be counter to a lot of this discussion, but I really hope we don't see shapeshifting for Druids. The WoW Druid was my least favorite of all MMOs and I have played almost all of them. The class was overpowered and did everything as well as the dedicated classes. I prefer the old school wood elf that uses nature magic to heal and has a lot of utility. Don't make me a tank, dps, and healer. The class will be subpar at all of those things or OP and I don't want either.
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    May 6, 2017 2:31 PM PDT

    The main issue I have with shapeshifting is the complete loss of visual individualism. Spending much time in the character creation process, I connect with the visual aspects of my character, including his gear which reflects his progression in the world. I would be OK with forms/transformations if each transformation was unique to the character. Let each character creation slider affect some characteristic of each form so that not all Druids in wolf form, for example, look the same. 

    Added bonus if some armor graphics were appropriately translated from the character to the form... maybe when a Druid with a red leather tunic morphs into a bear, you could see some shreds of leather hanging around the bear's neck - Something along those lines.

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    February 1, 2018 4:43 AM PST

    Was thinking about shapeshifting while reading through some other posts, and had a thought.  What if Shapeshifting was applied to strong, short duration buffs instead of something you would change into and just be.  A few examples include:


    Form of the Bear: Turn into a bear.  Reduce damage by half, lower damage dealt by half.  Duration 12 seconds, cool down 90 seconds.

    Form of the Cheetah: Turn into a cheetah.  Increase movement speed 200%.  You can not cast while in form.  Duration 10 seconds, cool down 3 minutes.

    Form of the Aum Plant: Turn into a small bush.  Increase healing effects by 25%  Incoming damage increased 50%.  Self rooted.  Duration 15 seconds, cooldown 3 minutes.


    You coudl continue on with this easily enough.  Treating forms this way could make them powerful, yet situational.  Since we have a limited spell bar you would have to decide which "Oh Crap!" buttons were worth space on your bar for your current situation.  



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    February 2, 2018 7:57 AM PST

    I hope shapeshifting is not in Pantheon or that it is very limited if it is. EQ shapeshifting wasn't too bad, but wolf form was a bit overdone. WoW was way over the top, and druids spent 99% of the time in one form or another. Even the Dream Sphere in DAoC got to be an annoyance.

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    February 2, 2018 11:11 AM PST

    Kaen said:

    I hope shapeshifting is not in Pantheon or that it is very limited if it is. EQ shapeshifting wasn't too bad, but wolf form was a bit overdone. WoW was way over the top, and druids spent 99% of the time in one form or another. Even the Dream Sphere in DAoC got to be an annoyance.

    I hope it's in Pantheon closer to how EQ did it, I actually liked sitting around in wolf form and the occasional group wolf form party/wolf pack. (Though the best and most fun spells weren't shapeshifts but rather the illusions of Enchanter, mostly Boon of the Garou for groups. I hope we still see lots of cool different illusion spells) 


    Though I'd agree and I'd hope that shapeshifting is limited in a sense that most forms serve a specific purpose, closer to how WoW had bird/cheetah/seal forms specifically for travel in air/land/water, but were otherwise a very bad choice for combat. 

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    February 8, 2018 1:44 PM PST

    I really am hoping for shapeshifting to be a thing, but after reading this thread I agree that the forms should be situational enough that you aren't encouraged to be in it 99% of the time. Either being short-duration buffs with significant cooldowns, or longer-duration effects with significant drawbacks (such as a wolf form for long-distance travel that disables spellcasting due to a lack of speech and hands.)

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    February 19, 2018 10:04 AM PST

    As in EQ, I hope they also include a faction modifier with the shapeshift abilities.

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    February 24, 2018 8:09 AM PST
    WTB Satyr form from EQOA. It was a shapeshift ability you could receive from Class Mastery points that gave bonus stats. I believe Class Mastery was similar to Alternate Advancement from EQ (I think). When I first saw a Druid in the form I nerdgasmed. Can’t seem to find a pic of it anywhere though
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    February 24, 2018 8:16 AM PST
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    April 28, 2018 11:23 AM PDT

    Agreed on the shapeshifting... (my 1st post.. be nice =P  )

    Btw.. for anyone that knows me "Nall" on EQ (Solusek Ro), P99(blue) and Wow (a few servers)


    (a few of the ideas I talk about below require "some" knowledge / understanding of mechanics from Everquest 1 / Early Warcraft and similar MMOs)

    Side note: @ Taldaas / Haanar and a few others above.. YES.. but lets try not to BE World of warcraft... 


    As an AVID Lifetime druid player across nearly EVERY mmo thats offered them...Also I want to drop a few notes for Devs and others to consider..

    A FEW people said it above, but i really wanna grind it in... Druids need to bring something UNIQUE and beneficial to the table that makes every group want one..

    For example.. Shamans ALWAYS got groups (EQ1) over druids for the Slow/Haste Mechanic..(and depending on expansion.. their heals (aka Topor etc)

    Wolf form was hated (EQ1) for the factor that it prevented the use of certain abilities.. (Bash?)...  and gave marginal attack bonus..


    Shape shifting in my opinion should have its own unique buff that others desire tremoundously but can only use while in the group with the druid...

    as an example: Spirtual Purity (Kitty Crack).. an amazing additive for Beastlords back in the day.. 

    To be honest, shouldnt a creature that is "attunded with nature" be able to grant spiritual clarity to those around them? 

    (getting off track)


    The idea is that the class hieracy and game itself will always move towards M.E.T.A. (Most Effieicent.Tactic. Available) or Min-Maxing..

    I think everyone that plays a druid doesnt want to be Groupless AGAIN because everyone does THEIR JOB better..

    So in short... Suggestion.. ADD Stackable, UNIQUE benefits that acctually benefit the group as a whole..



    Warcrafts shapeshifting idea was great.. although it got dragged the wrong way at times..

    Id love to see an EPIC VERSION of shape shifting .. with spirit animals as an "Epic quest" ..... seeing someone in "bear, wolf etc" form that Glows, is larger and adds a really

    special effect seems like a amazing direction to go...  similar to shamans that had Torpor in Kunark/velious... 

    "theres a shaman... and then theres a TORPOR Shaman" .. if you get what im saying... 


    Also a huge fan of special abilities that you have to "build up" .. for instance "Lay on Hands" for paladins.. Fantasic ability.. huge cooldown..

    Give druids something like that.. that they WANT to build up and save.. as a "ace in the hole"...

    Maybe make it form specific?  

    -  a huge AOE heal? with a healer form? (im trying to NOT say Tree form.. but only thing coming to my mind)

    -  a Huge attack bonus from (Panther/Wolf form?)

    - Moon/Sun/Star/Lake - Ascened/Awakened State - similar to the idea of "avatar (airbender) ... that increases magic damage of a certain type?



    I have to admit.. Ive always loved healing over time (HOTs) and would love to see that brought back..

    a form that allows for greater spiritual alignment for healing.. but maybe decreases the ability to move?

    We (Druids) have nearly always been the bastard step child of healers... Id REALLY like to see that gone for grouping purposes..

    I dont need druids to "be better" or "the best"...  just different and comparable .. 

    Forms (quested) could be the answer to this....


    Hope that gives someone / devs some ideas... im really looking forward to this game..

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