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Different Server types

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    May 16, 2016 8:03 PM PDT


    Wasn't sure which forum to post this question into.

    I was wondering if you would consider different server difficulties to support the wide variety of players. What I mean by that is have an easy server, normal server, hard server, where you could cater for the people who want to get to max level in a month (easy), or in 4-6 months (normal) or hardcore (12 months)?


    I think this could easily be accomplished without compromising the different servers with specific server INI file setting.


    Eg for a

    Normal Server                               Easy Server                           Hard Server

    Mob_HP = 1                                       .95                                          1.30

    Mob_damage =1                                .95                                          1.15

    Mob_XP = 1                                     1.20                                            .80

    Mob_armour = 1                                .90                                          1.05

    Mob_Resists = 1                                 .90                                          1.10


    Then in the code when you look up a mob from the Database Server it will take it’s stats and multiply them by the values in the INI file.

    Then you could customise a group of servers to cater for the different player styles. I would suggest not being able to transfer to a harder server, but to an easier one would be fine.


    I was also thinking about the annoying gold spammers and Free to play or new players. Since levels 0-10 may be free to play, how about having a dedicated server for free to play and new chars. Since for some playing with friends is important and they would like to start with their friends. On the starting server, if it only contains the Starting Zones for each race (or multi races in each zone) then what could be done is have the ability only of that server to zone from the starting zone of the Archi to the starting zone of the Ogres, where the friends can meet up and once together, they can then (as long as they have a paid up subscription) migrate to a real world server together. During migration, there would be char name validation etc and the requirement to change if it already existed. (Subscribed users could choose to start on the starting server or go straight to the real world server)


    This sort of thing would be able to keep the gold spammers out of the real servers (as they wouldn’t want their paid for accounts closed) and you could have and extra layer of chat logging for more key words to identify the people buying and selling gold on the starting server.


    Then for anyone trying the game, there would be more chance of other new people on the starting server. (In 5-6 months there may not be any other new chars on the real servers to talk or group with, with the general char levels being higher. It can be a bit daunting being the only level 1 char in the zone or on the server.