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    November 4, 2017 2:39 PM PDT

    EQ1: I liked the building blocks of LoN and ingame.. I had enough alts on 2 accounts to get my own personal guildhall (player housing felt too cramped). I used the blocks to totally redesign the interior (and started on exterior) with grand staircase, levels, utility rooms, garden (top floor), pub, stable, spiral stairs, statue niches, etc.
    not that I advocate a Lego building block system, lol, but I have seen a lot of creativity by players (like an upside down house); maybe a crafting topic

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    December 1, 2017 3:11 PM PST

    EQ Guild Hall was good. The only place to save your buffs. This promoted use of the GH along with the guild bank. 


    The next step is how do you impalment something that would require people outside the guild to come in? SO decorating the guild is worthwhile?


    An idea: Selling raid gear, you'd have to go to the respective guild hall to buy what's for sale. That would be the only place to buy such gear.

    Or have the ability to only sell your good within the GH? 


    Just brainstorming.


    Basically need more features that can ONLY be used within the GH and encourage outside players to look around. 

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    May 14, 2019 5:36 AM PDT

    Yarnila said:

    The arguments here are very valid and the thoughts towards guild halls also.

    The problem with all these MMOs IMO is that they were static. There was no need to go into the city anytime soon. This can be delt with and handled if done right. Limit the Guilds and make us want to go into the citys frequently i.e crafting give guilds assignments that when returned to the city the reward is greater.

    Guild Portals need to be recharged and can only be obtained from the city.

    Limit brokerage to Guild internally only. For full marketplace must vist a city. 

    aquiring advancements for the guild can only be done within a city.

    Instant advancement click/drag/drop take that away.

    Make us actually do the labor so the reward feels greater.

    Guild Halls should be a special place.

    Maybe make the Guild Hall into 2 parts Closed and Open to public - Closed being the Guild Member Housing - Open Public for all to see at any given time. Stables, Crafting, Merchants, Market etc.





    Sorry to Necro this old thread but it's important to me. I totally agree Yarnila. Playing EQ2 back in the day before guild halls came out, everyone would meet in the cities by the banks/crafting stations/broker Like in Qeynos, it was an awesome place to socialize, check out peoples gear, get SOW off of someone, or make some money crafting. Guild halls killed all of it, the cities felt empty, which made the game feel empty. If done right guild halls can work, like Yarnila said. Cities are the social hub and heart of a game imo, make them a place that players need to go and they will remain vibrant and active.

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    May 14, 2019 6:44 AM PDT

    Better to necro than start a repeat thread so you're good there.

    Guild halls
    Class halls
    Crafting halls

    I don't want any of them.  I don't like dividing up the players.  I like seeing people around and feeling like the world is alive and busy; inhabited by other gamers.

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    May 14, 2019 9:05 AM PDT

    Yeah, there was a huge housing  thread and there are definitely two sides to this. But I am against any type of housing. Guild halls are a maybe if done correctly. But I haven't seen a game that has done housing or anything like that correctly without killing the social aspect in some way. So I would just steer clear of it, but they have said they will do housing at some point, which I think is a big mistake.

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    May 20, 2019 6:59 AM PDT

    EQ2 was an all virtual instanced theme park. Not gonna be in Pantheon if their promises can be counted on.

    I would expect something more like Vanguard did housing and guild halls. But not until much, much farther down the line. After they release.

    Check back in 3+ years.

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    September 17, 2019 8:56 AM PDT

    You left out UO.


    Origin arguably started the trend with player housing. It was great, it was non-instanced. They were just out in the world if there was a big enough plot of unobstructed land to place it. You could set permissions. You could decorate it. (Heck even later on you could completely customize the build/layout of it, arguably not for the best, because one persons genuine artistic abilities compared to their neighbors love of neon colors and drunken looking arcitecture meant it broke the world immersion when seeing an oddly shaped, quite frankly ugly house that didnt fit in with the game lore/world scene.)


    EQ2 housing is great! I wouldnt say that it is the top contributor to the ghost town effect though. I am pretty sure EQ2's population has been in decline since launch day. With each expansion just further seperating the player base out across the game.