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    August 1, 2016 11:00 AM PDT

    I know VR is taking a more hardcore/exploration/whatever you want to use to describe it approach, but this is a general opinion about past/future gaming.

    There are allot of good idea's and opinions here, i dont think one is as bad as another, and i somewhat agree to all of them, for me personally eq1 isnt worth talking about in this situation, eq2 i honestly believe guild housing killed city population, the ONLY time i visited the city was when my guild call was down. and all i did was run to the bell and hit my guild hall. sadly it got to the point where i had to do a heritage or some other questline in town and i was completely lost because i hadnt visited the city in years.   I LOVED the fact that guild housing was everything you would ever need (but thats me being lazy and falling into the i want it now crowd), and in the long run and looking back, its sad.  I rarely met anyone, got lost like a newb in an area thats supposed to be the first area you learned, not to mention just the waste of all that time creating that area that nobody above level 10 visits anymore.  I hope/dont forsee this issue with pantheon however (i hope) guild halls, yes! i would really enjoy seeing an open world guild hall.  However (as much as i found it outstandingly helpful and i will lament saying this after the game launches) I truly hope that guild halls will not have ports (even if it was earned via quest or raiding) if any (i would prefer VERY limited venders, perhaps someone to sell to (for like guild splits after a raid) but thats it, and perhaps maybe a banker.  I wouldnt be heartbroken to find a tradeskill vender but i dont think it would be needed.  I dont think a "call to guild hall" would be a bad idea, i was one of the people that would grind/farm/craft or whatever until a few minutes before raid/groups, the call would only be to get everyone in a specific location incase people didnt know the location of the group/raid and could easily meet up and follow (however i dont think its really needed and could possibly take away from what VR is striving for) its just me being lazy. bottom line for me is make cities important again,  I consider myself a min-maxer so if its easier and more efficient to use this instead of that, i will.  As far as creating a guild im not really sure, it shouldnt be hard i mean in all honesty how would it work IRL? hey you guys wanna play/fight/look out for eachother? yes? awsome! we'll call ourselfs .... done..   creating a guild hall should be a kick in the pants. make it something your proud of, so you can say yea, we built that.

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    August 14, 2016 4:11 PM PDT

    Kalgore said:

    Or the Devs could not be lazy and make something worthwhile in the cities.  EQ2 Guild halls didnt kill the Hubcities.  The fact that you had Crafting stations in ever sub city of Qeyno and freeport.  You had the cities of EOF you could craft all over in ROK.  I could never return to the huub cities and stay fully supplied and equipped with out even trying.  

     Refusing to do something like guild halls soley to pretend the hub cities are amazing is lazy and bad programming  

    Don't agree 

    Guild Halls take players out of the general population because of crafting stations, merchants, portals etc.. all remove players from doing those activities in the city. It's not bad programming, its bad design to have features that reduce the chance of player interactions. The starting cities should remain useful and with a better design, should stay that way.

    What the devs should do is not have anything that effects player interactions in a negative way. If it does its not needed, players new and old should interact.

    Your guild trophies are what you and your guildmates are wearing and a massively multiplayer online game should have no need for lowering player interaction

    Hoping for better design


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    August 20, 2016 7:18 PM PDT

    I have never really understood why the player hubs weren't used as a place for building, or renting space for guilds and housing. If you have a town, why not have a few empty buildings that could either be rented, or purchased. If the guild leaves, the rent isn't paid, and the bank comes and forcloses ;) Or have lots where people can freely build. I believe I remember Vanguard being similar to this. The guild I was in built a guild hall, and it was pretty impressive. 


    Another thought, GW2 has guild halls implemented in a way that doesn't effect the player hubs. People still sit in the city centers dancing and generally being silly.

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    August 23, 2016 1:21 PM PDT

    Guild Halls, while nice to have,  take people out of the world. People stop going into towns, doing all their business in the Guild Hall. EQ2 was horrible in this regard, with towns going from very busy trade and buff/portal hubs, to ghost town over night.

    Just standing in town and seeing the high level players is so cool,  they are inspiring, having been on long adventures, having fought many battles, returning home with the spoils - Don't hide them in Guild Halls.

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    August 23, 2016 2:55 PM PDT

    I love guild halls.  I think they should be a vast undertaking.  I loved how VG did it.  It involved all types of crafters and a whole lot of materials to finish, along with the writ or deeed (can't remember what it was called) that was gotten by a diplomat IIRC.  I hope to see something similar in Pantheon.

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    August 23, 2016 4:40 PM PDT

    I agree, Vanguard did a good job on them, at least from what I experienced. So here is a thought or two, what should guild halls be? A meeting place, somewhere that guilds can add their own personal touch to the world. A community hot spot, whether that be where a guild can invite others to take part in events, or hold ceremonies of some sort. (weddings, funerals, or festivals etc.) In essense, they should encourage a facet of community, and involve serverwide investment. So what they should not be? A time sink for the sake of having nothing else to invest useless or an over abundance of materials, or money into. They shouldn't cause a community to disperse to instances (remember they say instances will be few anyway), and cause the main city hubs to become so called "ghost towns".

    I am sure the list could go on and on, but the simple fact is that if there is a good way to implement them, then I would love to see it done, if not, then forget about it. My thought on making them part of the main cities still stands, I am sure there could be large plots of land (could start as forest for all that matters) that could be built on to create a guild hall right in town or a city. In my honest opinion the way Guild Wars has implemented their guild halls on both cases would fit the billet of taking people out of the world and causing the cities to be deserted. But you just don't see that, and that is with a system where you can do most everything by quickly porting to a pvp room. (which destroys immersion). 

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    September 3, 2016 12:42 PM PDT

    Instanced guild halls are a neat concept, but unfortunately divide the player-base. I think persistent guild halls could work, but there would need to be enough space for all potential guilds because well-established guilds will have the monetary power to keep their guild halls up for as long as they choose.

    Either way, instanced or persistent, guild halls should not be able to implement things such as banks, crafting stations, materials storage, repair stations, vendors, etc. These encourage division, and despite the possibility of implementing other value-adds to the city, they probably would never be enough to keep players consistently in city-hubs vs the convenience of their totally self-sufficient guild hall.

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    September 18, 2016 10:59 AM PDT

    A few quick thoughts here...

    What about having an open guild hall...not instanced.

    Sort of like a pavilion...or a more ornate covered area, with maybe 3 walls. There could even be rooms for housing for rent for members on the upper floors. There could also be meeting rooms etc. 

    For the main entry hall though, have it be perhaps a courtyard of sorts, and it could be given permissions for PC guild member merchants to sell their wares. A portion or % of their sales go to the guild for upkeep/repairs/whatnot. These PC merchants would be open to the public to purchase from. The PC merchants at the guild hall would pay a lesser amt of taxes, but between the taxes and the guild tithes, the amt would be the same as if they sold in the main trader area.

    And a final thought..regarding raiding:

    If you are a guild leader, you could set it up so that a Raid merchant is available with all the consumables Raiders need, and only guild members or members in the Raid could purchase or get the items for free. Non guild members or Raid members could not get or see items on the Raid merchant.

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    September 21, 2016 12:06 PM PDT

    I speak from the EQ2 perspective again ( since that's the main game I played )

    1) player housing ... Eq2 did it right imo --- fairly cheap, you can decorate it yourself, and please let us in Pantheon --- that would be incredible ( but don't make it too expensive please !)

    After all, as George Carlin once said ( if you're too young to remember him, google him) --- "home is where you keep your stuff" ---  my home in Eq2 was full of "stuff" I'd collected from 8 years of adventuring; and I loved it ( still have the game on F2P just to go and see it sometimes)


    2) guild halls ---  NO --just no!

    we didn't really need them, they weren't game breakers for me either

    guild halls and all the things that went with them --- harvest boxes, harvest bots (sending out every two hours if you wanted), banks, broker, --- made us fat, lazy, and spoiled; and ruined the population of the more socializing at your crafting station in a tradeskill instance in Qeynos --- no more seeing friends at the bank, etc. -- it destroyed the social aspects 

    we gave up harvesting skills and aquiring them --- why bother? just go to the guild hall and use the stuff there --- dont' sweat the mobs...

    we DID get to have low level adventurer being a high level crafter (yes, I did it too, I was lazy and spoiled)

    have 7 level 100 crafters now, and none of them are level 100 adventurers (closeset is level 96) ....  side note; they have evendently changed the way we use crafting writs now -- instead we use "tradeskill quests" to level crafters up --- well.... thanks to that, we've pretty much killed crafting alts ( at least low level adventure ones) 

    see??  guild halls opened THAT Pandora's Box, why do we want to do it in Pantheon ? --- and please, don't please

    I know folks like the guild halls, but they are not good for a game imo


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    October 21, 2016 1:56 PM PDT

    Interesting conversation. I'm not real learned on guild halls as I have very little experience with them.
    With that said I would like to interject a few questions into this conversation.

    Crafting stations and merchants already have a place in the towns, adding them to guild halls seems to be just a convenience thing, if were into "convenience things" why don't they just offer pocket crafting stations and a crafting station Key Ring and now we would have REAL convenience? (pretty sure VR is not putting a lot of weight on this argument, or at least being very careful with it)

    In early EQ 1999-2000 I was a Guild Leader, we would have Guild meetings once a month to do Guild business, Elect/Promote officers, invite, accept, reject guild pledges.. Guild business. To do this we would try to find some remote area where we wouldn't be disturbed. was near impossible to find, somebody always wondered by and had to come up and see what was up. We always thought then it would be nice to have a guild hall.. instanced so that it's private. (I would think this even more an issue with PVP Guilds)

    I understand people like to decorate them up as well, that's cool but not really a NEED it's also not detrimental to the game at all, it's a plus. I also understand that now days most (I don't, nor does my wife) have microphones and VOIP but not all do, and not all choose to (I'm not real interested in it because Sam Elliot as a female would elf gives me the creeps)

    So my questions
    What is a GUILD HALL actually for?
    What can guild halls offer that is not available otherwise?

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    February 26, 2017 12:51 AM PST

    My thoughts on the guildhalls. You've got some folks saying, "Don't take out guildhalls just so peopole have to go to hubs, create a reason to go to hubs!" Here's my thought on that... there was a reason to go to hubs, then someone had this brilliant idea of putting everything in the guild hall, to make guild members lives more convenient. God I fricking hate "more convenient." No, seriously, hold on. Don't get mad yet. To the folks looking at me sideways when I say "I fricking hate more convenient," did you ever play vanilla EQ? If so, you're gonna get this right away, if not, you're gonna have to bear with me a moment. In vanilla EQ fast travel was limited to wizard and druid ports. If a friendly wizard or druid wasn't willing to port you, there was no fast travel. Even if they were willing to port you they couldn't always get you where you wanted to be. You're in Qeynos and you want to get to Freeport? They can get you to west commons and you can run the rest of the way. That wasn't very convenient. On the other hand, it promoted exploration. Heck, it promoted a sense of terror when you were low level and there was no friendly druid/wizard around to give you a teleport and you had to make your way across hostile lands in an attempt to get to where you wanted to go.

    What, on earth, does that have to do with guild halls? I'll tell you. Guild halls started as something just decorative. Then people cried about how it would be so much more convenient to have crafting stations there. Oh and what about banks? OH! Auction house? 

    When EQ released the PoP expansion, they added city portals. All the cities had portals in PoK, you could instantly travel from your starting city to plane of knowledge, and from plane of knowledge to any other city. It was convenient. It was easy. It reduced the fear factor. It reduced the number of people who had any idea how to get from Point A to Point B without using the portal stones. No, seriously, I grouped with a guy who didn't know how to get from Misty Thicket to West Commons (for those who have no idea what I'm saying, Misty connected to Rivervale, Rivervale connected to Kithicor, Kithicor connected to West Commons). Why? Because he started after PoP was released and he'd only ever played easy mode.


    Just because, at some point, someone decided to add a feature that made things more convenient doesn't mean that it was a good idea. Convenience isn't always better, and sometimes promotes lazy gaming. You want a guild hall? I'm all for guild halls. Make them someplace you can decorate. Heck, make them something you can build, and expand, maybe give people rooms or homes within the massive guildhall you build. Make them expensive, make them time consuming, make them something you can make look and feel exactly how you want. Just don't make them crafting/banking/auction hubs. Leave those in the city. If you want to go to the bank or the AH, you have to go to the city (though, to be honest, I saw someone else say they'd rather have EC Tunnel instead of AH, and I'm kinda down with that too, but that might be a little too crazy for everyone else). Force people out into the community they play with. And if you're that kind of person who can survive for months without making a trip to town to bank or buy food or craft anything, more power to you. I still hope you have a glorious and beautiful guild hall... that doesn't take away from the functionality of the city.

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    February 26, 2017 12:56 AM PST

    Einelinea said:

    2) guild halls ---  NO --just no!

    we didn't really need them, they weren't game breakers for me either

    guild halls and all the things that went with them --- harvest boxes, harvest bots (sending out every two hours if you wanted), banks, broker, --- made us fat, lazy, and spoiled; and ruined the population of the more socializing at your crafting station in a tradeskill instance in Qeynos --- no more seeing friends at the bank, etc. -- it destroyed the social aspects 

    we gave up harvesting skills and aquiring them --- why bother? just go to the guild hall and use the stuff there --- dont' sweat the mobs...

    we DID get to have low level adventurer being a high level crafter (yes, I did it too, I was lazy and spoiled)

    have 7 level 100 crafters now, and none of them are level 100 adventurers (closeset is level 96) ....  side note; they have evendently changed the way we use crafting writs now -- instead we use "tradeskill quests" to level crafters up --- well.... thanks to that, we've pretty much killed crafting alts ( at least low level adventure ones) 

    see??  guild halls opened THAT Pandora's Box, why do we want to do it in Pantheon ? --- and please, don't please

    I know folks like the guild halls, but they are not good for a game imo



    What if they were purely decorative? Seriously, adding zero functionality. No harvest nodes, no crafting nodes, no banker, no broker, none of that. Just trophies, and maybe some furniture, and balloons, and a nice lamp over in that corner, and ... think The Sims, but just the part where you build your dream house, but on the scale of something large enough for your guild. Because, while I don't actually care if guild houses are in or not, I can see it's something some folks want, and I can get behind that... but only if it doesn't take the population out of the city.

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    February 26, 2017 5:14 PM PST

    I am the minority here. I don't see the point in keeping people in cites. I prefer hanging out with guildies.

    I don't care much about harvest bots, but guild banks, harvest depots, crafting tables are great additions to guild halls.

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    February 27, 2017 12:23 AM PST

    Beefcake said:

    I am the minority here. I don't see the point in keeping people in cites. I prefer hanging out with guildies.

    I don't care much about harvest bots, but guild banks, harvest depots, crafting tables are great additions to guild halls.


    I keep trying to reform what I'm saying in my head before typing it out, and regardless of how I word it, it kind of sounds condescending to me. So let me preempt this by saying, it's not meant that way.

    The point to keeping people in the cities is community.

    I, like I'm guessing you do too, prefer grouping with guildies. If I'm in a group 90% of the time it's going to be with guildies. If I can manage it, it'll be a group of just guildies (unless we're actively working on recruiting). However, there are some times, days, when it's just not always possible to get a group of just guildies. Sometimes we'll leave that slot open so that if a guildie gets on we can invite them, sometimes we'll give it to some random LFG in the zone. Sometimes I'm the random person in the zone, lfg (I play at all kinds of odd hours that don't always mesh up with the rest of the guildies). 

    What does that have to do with keeping people in cities you ask? In a city that has things like banks and brokers and crafting stations you end up with little social hubs around each of those features. And while standing at the bank playing the inventory minigame of "how the heck do I organize all this stuff so it makes sense and I can find it quicker and why do I still have that in my inventory" you notice Fuuz, this monk you grouped with a couple weeks ago who had said he was having a ton of trouble with getting his epic, and now you see him with the little shuriken's floating around his fists, and you start up a conversation with him because you wanted to say congratulations. He tells you about how awesome it was getting the last few steps and how much his guildies helped him, and you talk about the cool stuff your guild has been doing and how you've all been working on getting this one cleric their epic. You end up having this very cool conversation for the next 20 minutes about the different things both guilds have been doing. Maybe it ends there, maybe you guys realize both guilds could help each other. Maybe you finish playing the inventory management minigame and go off together and group for a while since neither of your guilds had many people on right that moment. Maybe you congratulate him and he says thanks and you two don't speak another word to one another. 

    Regardless of the outcome of that interaction, it's an interaction that would never have happened if your guildhall had a banker in it.

    That, that interaction, that's why you keep people in cities. I can give you 4000 more examples of the types of interactions that are lost by not giving people a reason to go into the cities (reread that as, "that are lost by not giving people a reason to interact outside their guilds")

    Does this interaction take away from your guild at all? Not really, you're still hanging with those people in guildchat. When one of your guildies gets his epic you're gonna know about it. When they need help you'll know about it. And there's nothing from keeping your guildies from all gathering in the freeport bank for naked drunken dancing.

    Guilds are great, I've been very fortunate in that, aside from a few very rare experiences, I've never been a part of a guild I didn't love (and even the bad experiences weren't all bad, they were, all of them, only bad at the end). But a guild is a community within a larger community. Taking people out of the cities takes the guild out of the larger community. I want to be a low level, going into a bank, and seeing someone of a much higher level of the same class, and think to myself, "Maaan, look at that guy. I wanna be that guy!" I also want the reverse to be true some day. When you divide your community, you lose a lot of that. 

    What if you have just had a horrible death far from where you're bound (Now, I don't know anything about the respawning methods in this game, so maybe I'm talking out of my butt, but I'm going to use EQ experience as my yardstick). Say you're bound in Rivervale, and were fighting in Unrest (think hour to hour and a half travel time depending on conditions, if you're not familiar with vanilla EQ). You forgot to bind before running off into Unrest to die. Now you've got this lengthy time wasting CR to go on. That ... will suck. Maybe you get lucky and there's a friendly high level cleric hanging out in unrest to rez you. Maybe you're not that lucky, but still lucky enough that a guildie with teleports is on and can come give you a ride. If you don't have good luck? Well maybe there's a friendly druid or wizard in Rivervale to port you. However, with guild halls that have everything you need, you simply won't get that lucky.

    What about the druid who stops by the bank in Kelethin and sees all the lowbies near the orc lift and randomly decides to start buffing them?

    What about that time you were in Qeynos and saw like 20 members of Black Tower at the bank changing out their gear for cold resist/magic resist and realized that a Vox raid was about to go down, and deciedd to head to permafrost just so you could be in the zone when it happened, and you got to hear all the shenanigans that ensued?

    Gah. I'm too tired and too hyped up on caffeine to actually make sense. (Being sleepy and hyper together is a wonderful horrible combination).

    All those things, plus reputation. When you're at the leather working station and you see some guy weilding crazy awesome weapon, you might remember that guy, his name, his guild tag, whatever. Then at a later date you see someone else with the same guild tag, and you see they're wearing crazy awesome hard to get robe of awesomeness. You recognize the guild tag. Then you see some guy volunteering to help some other guy with CR, and you realize the guy offering to help has the same guild tag as the guy with the weapon, and the guy with the robe. Then you see that druid from earlier who was buffing the lowbies, and he has that same guild tag. Then you see a bunch of people having a naked drunken dance party outside the bank, and you realize that they all have the same guild tag as the guy with the weapon, and the guy with the robe, and the guy doing CR, and the guy doing the buffing. And you think, man, these guys seem pretty cool, and really friendly. I wanna be a part of that guild. 

    Of course, that's likely not you saying that, because you'll already be part of an awesome guild. Instead, it's some guy seeing your guild doing all those things, and he wants to be one of you, because he saw you guys. In the city. With the rest of the community.

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    March 15, 2017 11:23 AM PDT

    I didn't see it mentioned speficly or maybe i missed it, there is a lot to read in this thread. But I have been told darkfall was able to make un-instanced guild halls / housing. From what I was told you had to buy a very expensive deed to the land and then you could build on it. One of the early posts here suggested making large plots inside the city to accommodate this feature. This I think would be the best way if it's really doable. 

    I would have it very expensive so not every guild can create one thus keeping the space required low, but you would still need several plots .

    Maybe in order to acomodate the less hardcore guilds you could have a few plots in the smaller towns also.

    Make it to where you must pay an upkeep in order to keep the plot to keep dead halls from cluttering up space. Maybe 30 days after being delinquent on your rent, all content is mailed to the current guild leader.

    Keep crafting and portals out of halls all together. Keep it more as a general muster point for guild activities trophies and storage. It should be more cosmetic and for bragging rights over anything else, thus keeping the population in the cities and zones.

    In any case weather it ends up being instanced or not, the above comment should stand. Keep the people in the general population.

    To add a little off topic I would point out that VR should try to keep all banking and crafting on the main race cities even after post launch. I hate seeing dead zones after new xpacs are released. I know this will always be an issue, but this would help I would think.

    As for player housing I don't like instanced housing but with how many people like to have personal housing it may need to be. VR made a comment before about not wanting instanced housing but not wanting zones to become cluttered with thousands of player owned homes. I am 100% with them on both aspects but I would prefer to see instanced housing than houses all over the place.

    Who knows maybe VR already has something good in mind. We can only hope.

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    March 16, 2017 8:17 AM PDT

    Convenience is nice. Being able to go to a guild hall and do many things including crafting is convenient.

    But my viewpoint is much the same as Einelinea. Maybe because of the same EQ2 background. No, just no.

    Not no to guildhalls. No to guildhalls that offer any crafting or harvesting benefits. A place for guildmates to meet when they want a bit of privacy is fine but a "you can do anything there but kill mobs" place is like a major police crackdown on criminals. It takes a lot of people off the streets. I would just as soon have crafting quarters in the major cities and towns and encourage us to craft there.

    I agree that the Vanguard approach was nice - a guildhall took a lot of money and effort to build - it wasn't just something you bought at guild level X. It took guildmates that were harvesters to get the materials (unless you could just buy them all) and guildmates that were crafters in multiple disciplines to make it. The shared effort within the guild built community. The amount of cost and effort gave us a sense of accomplshment when it was finally built - a lot more than doing relatively easy things to gain guild levels - often things we would have done for our characters even without the guild.

    So (1) Have guildhalls; (2) Have them take real time and effort to make; and (3) Don't let them replace working in crafting areas next to other crafters.

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    June 1, 2017 11:27 PM PDT

    I feel guild halls alienates players and should not be put into the game, like classic EQ Free Port bank was the hot spot and a great place to hang out after all the advetures and raids ect it was a very social place to be..

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    June 4, 2017 9:07 AM PDT

    Not in the lengthy writing mood so this is basically a short and sweet version of what I'd like guild buildings to be.


    I'd be far more interested in having limited supply of guild "buildings", and having all/some/most of those empty/pretend buildings in cities that you can't go into be guild "buildings". Also have it so you a guild can farm an INSANE amount of rep for a specific NPC and that npc will hang out in their guild "building". So it gives people a reason to go visit guild buildings and check them out. Keep the crafting/harvesting/banking/ah out of them, it'd make sense for the guild bank to be in it probably. But also allow for people to just the normal bank as a guild bank if they'd rather do that (but it's either or not both). I believe a system like that would make it more interesting, immerssive, and keep people in cities when doing non-adventure things.

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    June 4, 2017 10:10 AM PDT

    Unlike many, I could care less about the population of a city. 

    I would like to see guild halls slowly built up, getting bigger and more useful as more guild effort is put in. Quests, coin, harvesting, tradeskill, faction, etc.

    The more the guild does, the more NPCs are available and the better you can make it. Until it's a city on its own.

    However, my view is very unpopular. 

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    June 4, 2017 1:26 PM PDT

    We had a guild hall in EQ2 before there were official guild halls.  Someone offered up their own home and we decorated it and used it as the guild's main place of gathering for meetings, ceremonies and events (because we're weirdo roleplayers.)  Having our own "official" hall was great, but if that isn't available, we will make due with what exists.



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    June 6, 2017 1:55 AM PDT

    I think guild halls would be great but as long as it was just for meeting with guildies, decorating with the heads of slain monsters and for the guild bank. They should be a challenge to obtain and maintain though and should not include anything that would remove people from the city such as crafting points, auction house etc etc...


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    June 6, 2017 6:03 AM PDT

    I heard about VG guild halls and loved the idea. Played archeage and thought it was cool that you could add crafting stations to your own house and even merchants. But not all of that is necessary. Extra storage in a guild hall would be enough. And making it a long journey for a guild is a great idea as well. Too many guilds are formed and abandonded too quickly NOT to make it be a long adventure for an entire guild.

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    June 6, 2017 12:15 PM PDT

    It was a ton of fun building a guild hall in Vanguard.  I would love to see something similar in Pantheon.  I also enjoyed the player houses in EQ2.  Like others have suggested, though, Guild Halls in EQ2 pushed it way too far.  I really enjoyed decorating them and all that but what I didn't like was how they were a one-stop shop for everything you could ever need.  They were an instance that took people out of the world.  While it's true that other people from other guilds could always visit your guild hall, it happened few and far between because of permission settings.  Someone would rather go to their own run-down guild hall where they can craft than visit a beautiful castle to interact with others where they can't craft ... all for the sake of convenience.

    In my opinion, guild halls should be used as a way to display accomplishments.  Building them should be an epic endeavor similar to how it was done in Vanguard.  After they are made, limit their functionality big time.  I wouldn't want to see crafting stations or even a "shared" bank.  The guild "vault" would be completely separate from the traditional bank in the city that players use for their own personal banking needs.  Definitely wouldn't want to see harvesting or bots of any kind.  No training dummies.  Let that happen in the city.  No trainers where you can buy your spells.  No armor smith where you can repair your gear.  No vendors where you can buy food/drink.

    When it comes to their overall functionality, why couldn't they just be a place to congregate?  Maybe they could be a neutral location that players can use to meet up and exchange goods / services.  Prior to that exchange, though, players would need to do their crafting, banking, etc at the regular establishments in the city.  I would like to see a guild hall be used as a sense of achievement.  As you level up your guild, you might gain access to advanced decorating options.  When you kill a nasty dragon, you can mount their head on one of your trophy walls.  When you kill a massive stone golem, maybe you can harvest it's corpse and use it to build something in your hall.  Maybe after you get a bunch of different resources (harvestable resources that can be gather in the world such as wood, ore, metal, stone) & (resources that can be harvested while adventuring such as skinning corpses, collecting elemental cores, harvesting rare stone from golems, etc) you can build something cool.  I remember having magnificent statues in my guild hall in EQ2.  Those were pretty cool.  But don't let us buy them with status points.  Make us build them!

    Those are my thoughts on it.  I definitely like the idea of guild halls because they allow guilds to work toward massive goals collectively.  I would like to go to my guild hall when I take a photo for my guild website, having everybody stand in front of the new monument we built together.  Or maybe in our trophy hall that has every wall mounted with a rare or exotic beast's head or fur.  I wouldn't mind seeing SOME utility at a guild hall.  Maybe the guild can bust their tails trying to unlock a portal or something like that.  (Otherwise, guilds will just have a druid alt sitting in there anyways to offer the same thing.)  So yes, I am okay with utility, but don't allow us every convenience in the world.  Let us use our halls as a way to express creativity and accomplishment rather than save time navigating the cities and interacting with other players.


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    November 3, 2017 6:34 PM PDT

    I agree a Guild Hall shouldn't take away from the Cities. But that severely limits what good they are.

    So what if a Guild Hall could BE a City?  Obviously not one of the starting cities, but they say these zones are going to be huge. I'm expecting huge zones to have lots of areas that are wide open and usable.



    A Guild with enough stones could start a Guild Hall (Fort?) in one of these open areas, this Fort could eventually have Crafting Stations, Merchants, Bankers, etc.

    But unlike how Guild Halls have been previously done, these stations would be available to ALL, to anybody in the Zone (this could soften the desire for fast travel from zones way out in the middle of nowhere). There could be an actual "Hall" within these Fort's accessible to only guild members for guild meetings or whatever. There could be trophy rooms that the guild could show off it's trophy's to all, not just guild members. But essentially a good Guild could build and maintain a Settlement, Fort, Barracks (whatever they choose to call it) out in these outland's. I'm thinking no more than one per zone and plot size limited.

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    November 3, 2017 10:40 PM PDT

    Oh hey, another old thread I missed when I first started posting (I must be getting unobservant in my old age)

    So my take on guild halls is that they should have multiple purposes:

    1) A place to show off trophies of your guild's accomplishments and history

    2) A place that requires a serious guild-wide commitment to build, expand, and decorate.

    3) A place where your guild can gather socially

    As far as how building/expanding guild halls should work, I am very much in favor of the level of effort that Vanguard required.  In absence of a diplomacy system, I would like to see quests undertaken to acquire the deed to the land the guild hall sits on - and then building it of course should take a collaboration between crafters, gatherers, and adventurers.  Finally, I believe that guild halls should be expandable - again, with a high level of effort.  So, a young guild can build a small one to start, and then start upgrading it and expanding it over time as they grow and conquer more things.

    As for where guild halls should be, I'm just going to plug my Freehold idea, again :)  I feel like each Freehold should be able to support several guild halls.  I also have no problem with NPC cities being able to support a number of guild halls as well.

    And, since it was mentioned up top, the way to avoid depopulation of the cities (like what happened in EQ2) is to insure that both services and quest starters are centralized in city areas, rather than out in the world - whether it's NPC cities or player cities, if you want to buy/sell something, or pick up a mission or task, or even just go get rid of that fatigue and get a nice meal buff at a tavern (see what I did there?) you should have to go to a population center to do it.