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What do you hope the Summoner will summon?

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    February 6, 2020 6:46 AM PST

    Matrulak said:

    Great ideas! I am a little worried, that you will always see the same pet (but that is already the case). Also choosing the right buffs for some of the combinations might be challenging, since the tooltips of the spells will not tell you what stat buffs will be useful (since there are no spells for the combined pets). However, all of that is solvable!

    I want to add that i would love to see some kind of utility added to the pets, to make it more valuable in specific situations. Fire pet might bring some light, air might work well against some toxic environment (just blow that stuff away), or the combined steam pet will give you a very soft and silky skin ... ok, forget that last one :) 


    In order to prevent one summon from taking all the glory there are solutions like: have all summons  aside visual espect be the same (which is obviously terrible idea), make elemental (and physical) resistances matter A LOT - so depending on the zone there would be a type preferred OR  similar to previous solution make their utility/cc capabilities matter.

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    February 7, 2020 12:58 AM PST

    You are right, there are some good ways to handle this. 

    One solution that i really like is to use the pets as an addition to the group, to support a role that is missing. If you feel that your healing power is not enough, summon a healing support pet. If you think you need more magical dps, summon the corresponding pet. If everything is in general ok and balanced, summon a pet with some aura or something like that. You can think of a lot of solutions, but there are a lot of combinations of pets. 

    I know this is not as intended at the moment, but theorycrafting is a fun thing to do