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What do you hope the Summoner will summon?

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    December 28, 2017 5:25 PM PST

    As far as pets go I'd like to see pets be a little more than auto attackers. I could see a summoner being a jack of many trades with their summons. A pet to assist with healing (perhaps one with a circle around it that you have to control it's movement where it does periodic healing to anything in the circle plus a couple of triggering abilities as more healing), a pet to assist with tanking, a pet to assist with dps, a pet to assist with CC, a pet who could pull but can disappate to help split pull. All of these pets should be exclusive where you can't have more than one out at a time. Now I'm not saying any of these pets could replace the real deal but if your group is a little weak at healing at the moment because they guy you have just has no gear for it or is new or your tank needs something else to take some damage you should have the option.


    Best of all allow them to summon a bard pet. Like full blown songs and everything. It dances, plays instruments, wears a feathered cap, acts all jovial speaking random weird riddles poems and proverbs. Just to piss off the people who won't get bards on release. To top it off the desummon animation is an annoyed little sprite appears, boos at the bard, and slits his throat with a knife. Then he tries to sing but just sprays blood everywhere producing a gargling sound and runs away in shame.

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    December 29, 2017 1:27 AM PST

    LOL  I vote for you to be on the dev team.

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    February 21, 2018 1:13 PM PST

    OceanB said:

    I wonder if there will be summoned weapons that are launched at enemies? Like materilize a lance out of magic and have it launched at an enemy, Or spikes pops from the ground. A giant axe that slashes enemies (within range) from thin air. Maybe even a  I mean weapons dont have to be wielded right?  As for Barricades, Walls would be nice. idk just throwing things out.

    Everquest technically had this. The magic nukes that Magicians got (Shock of Swords, for example) are literally this, except they lacked the graphical fidelity to make this obvious. The post-Luclin spell graphics made the graphic this spinning sword thing with orange bursts of light, which was closer. Magicians having access to nukes in this vein that do physical damage might be really interesting.