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    March 16, 2016 10:23 AM PDT

    Greetings...   so for a brief intro...   years back, I was introduced into the world of Everquest by my husband... (yes we are still together after 16 years)!...  that being said the races, as interesting and semi unique that some are, will there be the addition of half breeds?  THe Dark Myr is very interesting and neat that its a water race... cooler than the frogloks...  I was always partial to a Half-Elf...  I love the elves and their grace and love the stoudt of the humans... but blend them and I fell in love with the Half-Elf... so will we possibly see any further races that might a mix so to speak?

    Also , another question in regards...  from the look of how they are pictured now, will that follow suit?  Well the gnomes have the same appearance as what we are seeing or will this change down the road?  

    With the races, will there be the limitations when you go to create your character to what race can be this class or that class?  (just curious).


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    March 16, 2016 10:34 AM PDT

    Myself, I am hoping for a froglok/ogre half breed ;)   Come one, who would want an oversized belly and head on froglegs? 

    Actually I've almost always been human, though I have done a few half-elves, and 1 halfling. I had tried Dark elves, but I just couldn't not find my way around Neriak, so that never lasted.

    I do hope there are limitations to race/class combos. it always added an element of choice to me. Was my race more important to me than my class or vice versa?





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    March 16, 2016 10:46 AM PDT

    Welcome to the community Obsidien :D Out of curiosity is your husband a member of the forums already? (I like to put names together if I can, be it of a romantic nature or a friendship nature :)  )

    I also love the half elf (though I can't really say I played any game that included it for very long :(  ) I always loved the idea of Elves but wanted a human (my race... obviously) at the same time. Currently I'm torn between Human and Halfling, and maybe Gnomes (their backstory is very compelling!)

    I would love it if there was an option of being a halfbreed between any two of the races (although I can't see a half Skar lol :P) I also hope that there is (still?) a limitation to what race can be what class, I think it helps to force a good variety :D.



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    March 16, 2016 10:47 AM PDT

    We haven't gone into a lot of detail yet on Races but there will be more to come, I promise! :)

    I have moved this topic to "Pantheon Races" to keep in line with posting rules and to make it easier to find information and get answers to your questions from the Devs.

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    March 17, 2016 4:51 PM PDT

    Thank you Kilsin for moving it to the correct place.  


    @Rachel ...  I assume my hubby is a member of the forums, but I'll ask.  On forums I am always Obsidien (99% of the time) my hubby is Dark Wizard!

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    March 17, 2016 4:56 PM PDT

    Hey there.  It's me   DarkWizard. I am Obsidiens husband long time EQ junkie and introvert.  I haven't posted much if anything yet on the forums, but she asked me to respond here so you can match us up :)


    My opinion on half breeds (strictly mmo speaking) .  Half Elves are fine and.... that's about it for me.  


    I am a fan of the classic high fantasy.   Having too many half-whatevers muddies the waters too much, the exception being half-elf which everyone expects to be there.


    The only other halfs I could see are if they were the only thing available. Like half ogre, but only if there was no ogre race.   I will have to think more deeply on this.