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What I loved (and didn't) about being an Enchanter

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    August 25, 2018 7:45 AM PDT

    "By the time Velious came out mesmermize worked on so few things it was effectively uselesss. It sucks when you are just a buff/debuff machine"

    Velious was due to the 'giant' signature mobs had that were of a certain size and power. Like in Vanilla EQ with Hill Giants, Fire Giants, Ice Giants, Dragons (obviously) etc. being unmezable, the same was said for Velious. Giants and Dragons in Kael and Skyshrine/Western Wastes/ToV were unmezable but most other stuff was. When you remove Giants and Dragons, everything in IceClad Ocean, Tower of Frozen Shadow, Eastern Wastes, Great Divide, Velketors Lab, Wakening Land, Cobalt Scar and Sirens Grotto was mezzable. Then you had Skyshrine and Dragon Necropolis which had the majority of stuff mezzable. Then lessened in zones like Plane of Growth and Plane of Mischief. Temple of Veeshen and Western Wastes however were overwhelmingly Wurms and Dragons which were flagged since they were singular powerhouses.

    Charm does work on Giants and some Dragons and Wurms however. Enchanters were also the best rooters in the game as we shared the most potent roots with Wizards and when you factor it in with unresistable Tash, roots last their full duration most of the time and done quickly and efficiently. This can be compared to Shaman but you have to take into account resist chance and time to close on an ally or on you. It can be broken down like this. 


    - Tashanian + Fetter

    - Neg39 Magic Resistance [Unresistable]

    - Total cast time: 2.75 seconds

    - Total mana cost: 115 mana

    Shaman Option 1:

    - Malosini + Paralyzing Earth

    - Neg60 Magic Resistance [Resistable]

    - Total cast time: 7.5 seconds

    - Total mana cost: 450 mana

    Shaman Option 2:

    - Malo + Paralyzing Earth

    - Neg45 Magic Resistance [Unresistable]

    - Total cast time: 5.5 seconds

    - Total mana cost: 300 mana

    I used to complain about it as well claiming that expansion killed mesmerize spells, but looking back, I realize it was incorrect and the issue with Giants sort of conflated that premise with the expansion overall. Giants were what many people think of when remembering Velious. Luckily two expansions later in PoP, they removed the giant flag from mez considerations for upcoming expansions since that was something that would be contended with often enough in the Planes like Tactics, Storms etc.


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    August 25, 2018 9:39 AM PDT

    DoomDragon said:

    Hands down the single best thing about being an EQ enchanter was mesermize spells. Being able to completey derail trains and stop the madness was amazing. One of my fondest memories was gridning in cazic thule and the constant trains. We were near the entrance and of course got trained. Everyone was ready to break and run for the zone line and I stopped them. Chain casting AOE mezzes, stun locking and being the defacto tank we took down a train of 20 something lizards. I died, but it was worth it to show the extreme power of the enchanter in action. This is still my top MMO mom

    The memories are sweet. I think my favorite was AOE groups and the rush of stun-locking everything, knowing one little mistake could cause the whole thing to come crashing down.

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    August 26, 2018 4:15 AM PDT



    I never really looked at it like that. I really dropped off during Velious and never picked it back up enough to truly experience PoP, despite some fun stun lock groups on Luclin. Root was always part of our CC arsenal. Mez was part. Stun was part. Charm (despite my disdain for it) was a part. It was everything together and how we had to balance them all to be effective that I enjoyed. Being a rooter who would occassionaly charm a giant was blah. I felt it neutered our biggest advantage over bards. Once we started getting 60-90min buffs, there wasn't a good reason to have an enchanter over bard. Which, really that brings up a good point that I hadn't considered; it would be awesome to see buffs spells keep a reasonable duration. That forced downtime every 30 min is good. It gives everyone a chance to grab a quick bite/drink, and take care of waste disposal. I really hope buff durations don't balloon out of control like they did in EQ.

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    August 26, 2018 4:32 AM PDT


    I wouldn't say Bards were better in Velious. They also couldn't mez giants either and they had no actual roots. Enchanter buffs in that expansion were still limited to the 30 or so minutes and we're also highly valued for our 70% slow. The slow is better for the Cleric's mana than Clarity 2 and Gift of Brilliance by a long shot. Buffs though, yeah after Luclin the longer duration buffs from AA's did play a small part in declined need but I personally never saw more difficulty in getting groups. Unlike in Velious where 20% of content wasn't mezzable, it was like 5% in Luclin and about 5-8% in PoP. In Luclin we were hugely powerful, especially with Dire Charm, by PoP, our 70% slow was vital for exp group content and I found myself mezzing on average 2-5 mobs near constant in fights and with the introduction of Arcane Rune line, we were able to do so and tank as well as if not better than a Bard on CC dynamics and in a method where we require less of the Clerics mana to heal us.

    The issue I found with the Bard was they're limited in that function and when they're mezzing, hastes, mana regens etc aren't generally working for the group. I always found the class to be a rather poor substitute and it's something I hope to see improved on in the Pantheon Bard.


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    September 8, 2018 3:06 PM PDT

    This is a repost of something I posted on the EQ site five years ago, referring to events now 15 years ago or so, but thought it relevant to this thread, as it was pretty much the moment I discovered The Joy of 'Chanting...


    "When I first started Tailoring on my druid, I discovered that I needed a component for the Wu's armour, that was created by an enchanter. Rather than bothering somebody else, I decided to create my own chanter, solely for the purposes of providing me with the tradeskill components I needed.

    Every now and then, I'd need to PL the chanter a bit, so she could get the spell for the next mana vial or enchanted metal, but by and large, she was not much more than a vial-of-viscous-mana dispensing machine.

    There came a time when it was easier to actually play the chanter in a group to get xp, rather than sit her down whilst the druid kited up and down, so one day found myself in Dreadlands, acting as a slower for a group there.

    The group did okay at the ridge, given the low density of mobs, there wasn't a need to mez anything, so it was a easy job - slow, debuff, haste and clarity for the group - normal chantery things.

    In fact, we were doing so well, that we started to get a little bored, and the ranger suggested we take the group to Karnor's to see how we fared there.

    So, off we trotted to Karnors.

    We even had to fight our way in past the drolvargs, which should have raised a few warning flags, but we zoned in, and found a few people already there, fighting just past the first drawbridge.

    Setting ourselves up at the zone, we started to pull the entrance mobs, which were noticeably tougher than what we had been used to, but we managed to keep our heads above water, and were just about doing okay.

    Suddenly, (but not, as I discovered later, unexpectedly), there was a yell of "TRAIN", as the group inside the castle had one or two adds too many, and decided to bolt for the exit. Where we were.

    A swarm of mobs came hurtling towards us (and, as the Third Law of Training requires, it was at the exact moment we'd just pulled a mob and got an add of our own), and imminent death stared us in the face (then, owing the pathing in Karnor's, which was flaky even back then, imminent death ran away from us back towards the castle, then towards us again, then back to the castle, paused for six seconds, then finally ran towards us again).

    Fortunately, the brief delay had allowed me to remember that I was now playing an enchanter, and I had memmed most of the crowd control spells against the chance I should ever need them - single mez, single spinstun, AE stun, and of course, an AE Mez.

    As the group of mobs came closed, I targeted one, and cast my AE Mez spell. Four of the mobs immediately stopped what they were doing to stare at the pretty lights.

    By now the remainder had gotten to us, and were beating on the tank. Another AE Mez spell on them, and they were all on ice too. (I've no idea what happened to the other fifty or sixty mobs that I'm sure were there, maybe they all remembered appointments elsewhere else, or something).

    The group (myself included), all stood there in stunned silence, cautiously regarding the eight drooling mobs in front of us. Finally the tank remembered to attack one, the group assisted,and slowly, we worked our way through the mobs, me franticly mezzing the mobs, the group working through them, until the last one fell.

    My mana bar was empty, my heart pounding, breath shallow, and I was looking around for a family member to grab hold of so I could explain the amazing thing that just happened (nobody was around, which was probably just as well).

    Basking in the afterglow, I thought to myself, "Wow, I didn't know enchanters could DO that", almost at the same time that somebody else said in /g, "Wow, I didn't know enchanters could do that."

    That was the moment that I realised that my chanter would never again just be a supply mule or clarity dispenser - I don't play her as a main all that often, but when I do, I never tire of the thrill of having a bunch of mobs lined up, all under my control, knowing that any moment it all could come to an end in a mess of broken limbs, but while it lasts, I'm standing between success and disaster.

    Please insert your own clip of the Gandalf "You. Shall. Not. Pass!" quote..."