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Some essential guild features I'd like to see

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    February 18, 2016 12:14 AM PST

    As a guild leader in other games these are the features I think are essential for easy management of guilds. Note that this is primarily from the perspective of a guild leader / officer and won't really help guild members at all.

    1) Allow us to write scripts (ideally by exposing a public API) that allows us to get a list of all current guild members, whether they are mains or alts, their class and their level. If they are an alt provide a means of finding out which main they belong to.

    2) On raids allow us to start and stop a timer that logs all people on the raid so that it is easy to allocate DKP points and export that data as JSON or (ugh) XML so that we can import it into our own scripts.

    3) Post a message to guild leaders / officers when someone leaves the guild (and if all the officers / leaders are offline at the point the person leaves show it when they next log in) so that leader / officers can remove forum access and voice chat access for that person and so they can also remove their alts from the guild.

    4) Make it easy to form channels for guild use such as class channels (ranger channel, cleric channel etc etc) and make sure they are password protected.

    5) Make a global guild recruitment chat channel for all unguilded people so that guilds don't need to spam public chat channels with recruitment messages.

    That should deal with the majority of issues I've had in the past. I'd be interested to hear about any other suggestions people have.

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    February 18, 2016 2:09 AM PST

    I actually revived a thread about this a while ago Cromulent, if we could continue that discussion it would be much appreciated to keep topics like this consolidated and in-line with forum guidelines.

    Here is the thread:

    I will go ahead and close this now but if you like you can go ahead and copy/paste your post into that thread. As a friendly reminder, I also found that older post by typing "Guild" into the search bar, it was the 4th link down ;)