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Anyone else thinks Shaman should to be a class that can res?

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    December 13, 2017 7:14 PM PST

    I think a shaman should be able to rez and should be able to do it as well as a cleric.  After all, shaman are in touch with the spirit world.  Who better to know how to bring someone back from the brink properly?

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    December 13, 2017 7:16 PM PST

    Menubrea said:

    Wall said:

    That's just the way it is.  Shaman, Druids sacrifice optimized groupability for being able to yolo solo everything.   

    Even if taken along in a healer role, Shaman and Druids will, and should, have more downtime associated as compared to a pure healing class, at the same gear level.  Sure, once the hybrid is decked they can hold their own.  But a decked out Cleric will just be better as a healer, period.

    Can't have all the cake, and eat it, too. 

    First of, where exactly are you getting that information? Druids aren't even in the game yet, and Clerics and Shamans (tagged as healer/support, not hybrid) are still pretty basic and subject to change. Pantheon is not Everquest, nor should we hope it to be exactly like it. A single healer and tank being heavily favoured for groups isn't something we should aim for.

    As far as the argument of being able to "solo everything", assuming it ends up being somewhat true, seem like a pointless argument for a group oriented game. Hardly anyone is going to pick up this game and think to themselves: "I'm totally going to pick the best soloer, at the expense of being any worth to any decent group". If I wanted to solo I'd go play either a single player game, or any of the multitude of themepark MMO's out there.



    Your viewpoint is heavy on the EQ game play style.  I want a game that reminds me of EQ with out being a clone.