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    April 6, 2017 3:45 AM PDT

    TaragonPendragon said:

    Trox said:




    Another thing I like from BDO that I wouldn't mind seeing in Pantheon (and other MMOs at that) is that if the Guild Leader goes MIA for a time period (BDO has it set to 5 days) then the officers can remove them as Leader and appoint a new one. That way the guild can continue on without having to reform or try to get the GMs to switch it around.




    LOL you lose guild leadership if you don't play for 5 days in BDO ? Wow. I would never make a guild with this kind of condition. I don't think i know anyone who never happened to stop playing for 5 days. It's very short. What about holidays ? Connection problems ? Other things to do for some time (sorry to say that but it's obvious to me) ? Other games ? Someone deceased in family ? Job necessity ? etc

    Think about a guild leader who struggled for one year to stabilize his members to say 15 people, hiring say 50 players one by one, organizing guild activities by himself, helping members, even giving items to help them etc. Then his hard drive is out of service. He orders one. Seller says it takes one week minimum to deliver it. Then when this player comes back, someone took his spot as guild leader, and why not kicked him then to prevent him coming back, or just not giving him back his seat ? That's going to happen often. Man that would bring so much salt to the gameplay. Think twice about it, we're not robots.

     It would be even more a problem if a player enjoyed some kind of benefit from being in a position in a guild. Like in Guild Wars 2, where different player statuses have different rights in terms of gameplay.

    I already don't like being kicked from a guild after a few days off as a member, but doing that to the guild leader who invested himself/herself in the guild since the beginning ? That's truly unforgiving. 

    Also, people who don't accept a guild leader to be away for 5 days can just leave and make their own guild, no need to give them the right to kick the leader for this small reason.


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    November 10, 2017 12:10 PM PST

    Can't wait to see and test the Guild System out in Pantheon! From what I read I believe you should cover all my needs as well to run a nice guild. 


    I would like to add one thing though. If you give us a DKP system or way to manage what I would like to call "Guild Currency" then I would love to see the ability for guildies to transfer "Guild Coins" to other players. Why? Well if I need help from a Crafter in the guild who can't Raid as much then I might want to reward him for his help by passing some of my "Guild Currency" to him/her. This way when they get into the next raid they have something to bid with. I'm sure this is a bad example, and there are other ways to handle this but just a thought. I'd almost like to make "Guild Coin" a type of currancy within my guild. Its a half way thoughtout idea right now haha so don't bash it too too hard :).

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    November 29, 2017 11:23 PM PST

    Made a thread about this already, but figured it may be worth a post here (hopefully in a shorter version) but is Pantheon actually going to have any guild STRUCTURE, or is it going to just use the modern MMO default of a guild having GROUPS within itself (being gm, officers, members). I ask this because yeah, the group system works in that its very simple, but for a game empahsizing social interaction the method doesnt actually enhance the guild experience or help facilitate guild/player ties. In this I mean it just defines roles, it doesnt actually create connections.


    My prior experience in games was with a patron/vassal system where you pledge into a guild under a specific individual. This would help facilitate direct mentor relationships. Heck, as a guild begins to get big, it helps many from feeling lost or forgotten (*note: Yes I know you can have a "friends" tab to see what friends are online, but that will often span multiple guilds, and having a known direct pipeline to someone always strengthens the connections). Even right off the bat when someone is first recruited into a guild he/she wouldnt just be another drop in the ocean.


    A patron/vassal system (especially if you could somehow see who a persons patron was either in a guild tab, or when examining the player) would also be a GREAT resource for finding a person to message about a player (reach out to the patron about his/her vassal). This would work whether you were looking to reach out to them, or even wanted to let their guild know theyd done something shady perhaps. Following this second line of thought as well, a patron/vassal relationship means that any conflicts/friction may be able to be handled in a smaller way between them and their mentor directly, without always having to involve the GM/officers (if a patron can drop a vassal as well, this would mean the GM/officers dont always have to be the ones wielding the ban hammer)


    Anyway, at the end of the day yes, a players involvement and connection to the players/guild does come down to their own effort. There are however setups/systems that can facilitate and aid this process, so I am curious if any fun guild structures are being considered for Pantheon.




    Yall had some other really good discussions (im late to this party) so I did just want to say I agree with folks about the 1 guild system, as well as the no guild leveling/buffs (which just fosters toxic social interactions imo). Some folks made really good points on these so kudos. As far a guild applications go, I always felt the best way to handle that was just to talk to players before you recruit them.

    The whole "guild application" issue to me has always just been a way to prevent having to have a conversation with another player. I always felt it was the difference between an interview, and just reading a resume off a job board (and I know which one is certainly more social/in depth). If its a volume issue then maybe trust your fellow guildies more in who they would recruit because if theyre recruiting folks you think "dont cut it" you probably have an issue of the guild mate not getting what your standards are anyway. Anyway, thats just my 2 cents on the "application" process. As far as sending invites though, a way to do it if theyre offline, or across the world is always a plus for me, but honestly too Im OK with it having to be a local thing (if travel isnt an ungodly nightmare). If it takes 10 minutes to get somewhere thats 1 thing but 45 minutes may be a bit much!)

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    January 26, 2018 6:35 PM PST

    Guild banks?

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    April 15, 2018 6:30 AM PDT

    From my experience:


    -Simple might work better, some of the fun in guilds was creating the guild management systems on your own. Of course it makes running the guild a bit harder, but part of the fun was that players had to come up with their own way to track things in the guild....but...this isnt that big of a deal I dont think.

    -Multiple guilds is not a good idea to me. It was a good idea to try it, but I think the majority of people didnt like it in ESO. How are guilds going to accomplish anything divided?

    -I do like the suggestion of having an option to track who you have grouped with before and maybe make notes.  Examples:  Chryos-good player, nice, pays attention, Joe Bob - afks ALOT, ninja looter!  Some sort of note taking or tracking for the people you have played with would also help you to inform your guild whether or not a player is a good fit for a guild.


    I know this is not EQ and the developers might be getting tired of it being compared to EQ, but remember part of what made EQ so great was it was simple at the surface, but very deep within the game. EQ forced players to get creative, but not out of was just something that happened, so anything to have that feeling of, "the game wasnt really designed to do this, but it does!" That sort of design


    I think.







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    April 16, 2018 12:02 AM PDT

    I too, am not a fan of the guild level system. I would also state that I agree with Zarriya on multiple guild leaders, however, if the guild leader can give permissions to varying ranks to do everything they can do without removing the guild leader, I would be 100% on board with that. I think EVE had a similar guild permissions to what I speak of. 

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    April 24, 2018 7:46 PM PDT
    Less is more. Keep it functional but simple. That must haves list has some items that can be culled.....
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    May 15, 2018 8:58 PM PDT

    Kilsin said:

    This idea was taken from a very good post in the general section and I wanted to continue it further here, so we can build on some idea's to try and get the right guild system implemented for our game.

    This was the original post I made, with a cached copy of a single post from a very long thread of great idea's over at pjpantheon which has now shut down again.

    For me personally, I believe the guild doesn't need to gain levels and experience or have alliances artificially included, for me the fun and reward is in the guild itself and the members.

    You are united under one name and that should fill you with pride and make you want to be the best you can be while interacting with other players or your guild members.

    I remember seeing other guild systems with experience gained buffs and level structures for doing guild quests and overcomplicated things that were tacked on to promote being in a guild but back in the old days, we didn't need incentive other than to be surrounded with like minded players who shared similar goals in game and we formed bonds and friendships on that alone, plus it was always cool to have friendly help on call via guild chat.

    Chat channels and the ability to create your own is pretty much the only tools you need to create alliances with other guilds, that and guild/alliance websites created by those guilds and their members but adding to the guild system by including these things for me, takes the fun out of the guild itself and all the politics, challenges and experiences you get from being part of that guild.

    This is of course personal opinion and from my experience leading guilds in different games. I believe if you allow guild to be created by having minimum of 4-6 players in a group (to stop guild creation spam and taking names etc.) and allowing chat tabs and good options, a good UI interface and good tools for guild leaders/members to use to keep track of each other and their progress and communication, then other guilds will create chat channels to stay in touch, create alliances and work together via diplomatic means, which adds to the whole experience of being in a guild.

    I had a very detailed post over at about this very subject with some great input from the community that listed bullet points on what should be included for guild tabs, UI functions etc. but it appears as if the site is down again now, so I can't retrieve it to show you. (I was able to find a cached version to paste below)

    The game is being created with groups and raiding in mind, so we will need to get guilds right without breaking away from our simplistic and harsh theme carried over from EQ and VG. I personally do not want many bells and whistles, just a really well thought out tab, UI, options for leaders/members and the ability to communicate via player created chat channels, the rest the guild and it's members do themselves.

    Pasted from pjpantheon.


    I really hope there is something like this done properly for guilds, since this game is going to be largely group based, guilds will be a very important part of the game and the community as a whole.

    If we learn from mistakes other games have made and build on the good features we have come across, I believe we can implement something that will work well in game and allow easy set-up and management of a Pantheon guild.

    Must Haves:


    • • Ranking Structure - Guild Leader, Raid Officer, Officer, Recruiter etc
    • Permission system - preferably with a lot of toggle options for different ranks
    • Easy to use interface - Nice simple layout that possibly incorporates a tab system
    • Guild Management Tab and Menu
    • Raid Management Tab and Menu
    • Find a Guild list/tab/page - Advertising and easy to use interface for anyone to search for any guild and see if any recruiters are online...ask questions or just enquire about Guild needs
    • Notes - allow us to make notes next to members names, tag as alt/main/recruit/date etc
    • Coloured name tags - In guild chat, coloured name tags help separate Guild Leader/Officer/Member chat
    • Guild Chat Channels - Officer chat, Members chat etc
    • MOTD - Guild Message of the day broadcast to the member upon login
    • Member Information
    • Member log on alert (Toggle)
    • Guild Description/Info (drop down selection of countries to display your guilds base country)
    • Show Guild member status (Tab/Toggle)
    • Show Guild members offline (Tab/Toggle) - Time/Day/Date of last login
    • Show Guild members alts (Tab/Toggle)
    • Tag someone as an Officer/Recruiter (Toggle) - Management/Leader option
    • Points/DKP system (Tab) - This can be just a blank box that can be written in for Dkp or similar
    • Name/Level/Class/Location/Crafting/Diplomacy/Harvesting descriptions and levels (Tab/Toggle)
    • Ability to edit and reorder Ranks and names for Guild Leader/Officer/Recruit etc
    • Guild Calendar (Tab) - editable boxes that are dated with a simple time format system or even just a blank box with date to allow guilds to upload/log guild events for all members to see and prepare for.
    • Pre-Launch Guild Set-up - Allowing for easy transition into the game on the same server
    • Player/Guild Stats page - Similar to Vanguard Players page but without the disco photo or any other issues that caused it to be taken down, this was valuable to guilds, allowing us to check players alts, gear, stats etc
    • Guild History (Tab/Mouse over name) – Shows a list of dates and guild names joined and left


    Tab = Own tab to display information

    Toggle = Toggle option to turn on/off at members discretion

    Please share your thoughts, I would like to especially hear from fellow guild leaders, to see what has worked for you in the past or what you would like to see, my points above are just my personal opinion and a starting point for discussion.


    That is what I posted over at pjpantheon back on the 27th Jan 2014.


    I like everything I heard here, a few suggestions to add to this:

    A system setup so if for whatever reason a leader is MIA for 30/60/90 days, the officers or guild can decided/vote on who is the new leader. If they know why the guild leader is MIA then simply vote for him. If not, then those have been choosen to vote (officers or open guild vote), 1. vote to replace, and 2. vote who would be the new leader. Majority rules. This way guilds don't get stuck in that spot where they have an active guild, but the leadership is MIA and can't do anything that only a guild leader can do, because leadership is MIA.


    I would like a system that you can assign a main in the guild, with is his/her alts, and there will be a "+" sign beside that player, and clicking it will list his alts. 


    Along with the "notes" the guild can place in the UI, I would like to see there be a personaly note area that is for each player. Meaning, that I can make a note about someone, but only I can see it. Where as the other one is a note made by the guild and viewable by everyone. Maybe even extend this out and giving a similar note system that only officers and leadership can see.

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    June 6, 2019 3:44 PM PDT

    Hello, This may have been answered already, if so sorry. New Pathfinder Pledge here. I know there is a early name reservation for a first character. Is there an early guild name registration or is it basically just run and try to get it?