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    Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Official Community Guidelines


    Please remember that this is a Development site, not a fan site, and it should be treated as such.


    It is our home, therefore these rules strictly apply to maintain a level of professionalism while we work hard on creating Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Should you find that you cannot abide by these rules, then this may not be the place for you. If that is the case then feel free to read, but please refrain from posting. If you ignore these rules and continue to post here, you will be subject to the enforcement of these rules. These rules may be changed by management at any time without warning.

    We are all passionate gamers who want to see Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen come to life through the development process. That’s why we’re here and what we all have in common, the shared desire to see ourselves in Terminus. In Terminus, the struggles and challenges of the real world are not present, so let’s keep it that way. This website and its forums, although not quite Terminus, are a place to build a game. We have community members from all over the world and likely all walks of life. While here, let’s show each other respect and together build an amazing game, leaving any prejudices, drama or ill-will on the outside. That being said, we want to you be aware of the guidelines in place to help govern the overall friendliness and well-being of our site.

    We pride ourselves in being a community that is conducive to creative thinking and positive energy. If you have a problem and you want to talk about it, we are more than happy to help. You are welcome to contact a member of our Moderating team through a private message (PM).

    Moderator Team:

    CM Kilsin - Community and Web Manager, Lead Moderator

    Sometimes our passion can lead to heated debates. We have a unique forum in the sense that you are paying for subscriptions in order to post here, and as such, we want to give you as much freedom as possible to express your opinion, as long as it’s constructive and benefits the overall development of the game and the community. There's nothing wrong with healthy debate, which can encourage new ideas. However, there’s a difference between healthy debate and spinning your wheels on a subject where both sides refuse to acknowledge the other’s perspective. When in doubt, simply “agree to disagree and move on.” This should be the general rule of thumb when discussing things with your fellow gamers here at the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen website and community.

    Threads will only be locked if they are outdated, duplicates or if we feel they are disruptive to the development of the community as a whole. Please do NOT delete or remove posts, even those made by you. By removing posts you throw off the whole thread that your post was in and makes it very hard for other users to follow the conversation. Although we request that you not delete threads, a post or thread may be deleted by management if it is found to be harmful to the community.

    Make sure you are posting constructive criticism, whether it’s negative or positive. Contrary to what some may believe, developers do take feedback from the community into account.

    Helpful Tips to avoid the risk of having your thread/post locked, deleted or the risk of being banned, we kindly suggest that you read and follow the information below:

    Read the Forum Guidelines - If you are unfamiliar with the rules, it’s hard to follow them.

    Don't assume – It’s easy to misunderstand someone's written words. Rather than jumping to conclusions about what they mean, try to give them the benefit of the doubt or ask for clarification.

    The Great Novel -To have a better chance of being understood, take the time to explain exactly what you mean, but without being so wordy that you "write a novel."

    Think twice - If you are upset or emotional as you are writing your comment, you will probably express yourself that way in your post. Before you post take a minute and think about what you are trying to accomplish.

    Preview before posting - Preview your message before you post it. You can catch spelling and grammar errors which can often make posts difficult to read and understand.


    General Rules to follow- The following will not be tolerated:

    1) Personal attacks, Flaming or insulting other forum members

    2) Bypassing any filters, including the profanity filter

    3) Creating multiple accounts

    5) Posting personal information of others (i.e. name, address, email, phone number, etc.)

    6) Derailing a thread's topic (attempts to get the post back on track will be made before it is moderated, cleaned up or closed)

    7) Posting links to phishing sites

    8) Posting spam, Double posts or Re-posting Closed, Modified, Deleted Content

    9) Repeatedly posting in the incorrect forum (example: Off-topic posts being posted in General threads)

    10) Openly arguing with a moderator

    11) Vulgar language

    12) One word replies such as but not limited to: /thread, Agree, +1, Amen, Same, gg etc.

    13) Posting memes or images outside of the dedicated meme/image threads


    Off-Limit Topics/Replies - Do not post any topics/replies containing the following:

    1) Threats of violence or harassment, even as a joke

    2) Racism, discrimination ,even as a joke

    3) Religious, political, and other “prone to huge arguments” threads

    4) Porn, inappropriate, offensive or NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content

    5) Cheating, hacking, game exploits, real money trading (RMT), account selling or sharing

    6) Copyright material

    7) Soliciting, begging, auctioning, raffling, selling, advertising, referrals

    8) Guild Spam

    9) Signatures within posts


    No Backseat Moderating - Let Visionary Realms staff do the moderating. Backseat moderating is when people who are not moderators try to enforce the forum rules. If you see a person breaking the rules, take advantage of the Report button and then simply ignore the offensive post(s) or thread.

    Repeat Offenders - Should you be pointed to the rules, and continue to argue with ANY member of our Management/Moderating team about the fairness of our rules, you may be banned. We do not have to give any warnings. When we do take the time to give a warning, please learn from it. Don't poke, prod and push to see what the limits are as you will find out pretty quickly and in most cases the decision will not be reversed.

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