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Cleric spell sets

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    June 30, 2020 1:10 PM PDT

    With what we know now about the limited action set (with 8 action / 6 buff slots), I was thinking about into which category the known cleric abilities would fall, and how this could play out in terms of spell sets a cleric might use. Obviously the ability list on the class page is not complete, but I think it's a good start to allow for some speculation :) Here is my take on the abilities (* means that IMO you will want to have these permanently on your bar).


    Tome of the Initiate (Summon tome -> can probably be swapped out after summoning the tome?)
    Resurrect (Out-of-combat rez)
    Celestial Aegis (Summon shield)
    * Awaken Bravery (HP/AC buff)
    * Ethereal Armor (AC buff)
    * Signet of Refreshing (Combat resource regen buff)
    Edict of Stillness (Pacify)
    Edict of Peace (Aggro reduction buff)
    Light of Murik (Make summoned tome a lightsource)
    * Reckon's Shield / Barrier (damage reduction buff)


    White Light (Anti-Undead DoT / Short term control)
    Rebuke (Anti-Undead DD / DoT)
    Revile Undeath (Anti-Undead DD / Snare)
    Determined Strike (Melee attack + divine dd)
    Searing Cudgel (Melee charge attack + divine dd)
    * Celestial Light (Instant Heal / AC buff)
    * Burst of Life (Instant Heal)
    * Light Shroud (HoT)
    * Arcing Luminance (Multi-person heal)
    Eko's Purifying Bolt (Anti-Undead DD / Heal)
    * Reithal's Luminous Shield (Instant heal)
    Vigilance (Healing shield)
    * Coalescence (Instant heal)


    Celestial Focus (Generate Celestial Power while meditating) - probably passive?
    Olamai's Blessing (Blessing for curing curses - buff or single application required?)
    Plea of the Devout (In-combat rez - does this cause aggro?)


    The cleric looks pretty fine from this perspective: There will be some abilities that will (IMO) always be on your bars, but it looks like there will be enough space to adjust to different situations.

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    July 1, 2020 12:18 PM PDT

    I'm hoping for a New Class Spotlight video! In a lot of the streams they've shown, the Cleric has been in almost all of them. So to me that shows that the Cleric is almost finished as far as tweaking spells and synergies and stuff. Would be awesome if they Showcased the cleric in another one of those videos. That way we can really get a good insight on what spells and abilities they have and what they do. A lot of the spells from the class pages on the website are outdated and some are completely different. It was mentioned that the new website would have the classes on them so maybe with the new website drop they'll have updated spell lists on that as well.