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In game accessibility options for people with disabilities?

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    March 20, 2020 4:37 AM PDT

    Question 1:
    Can we select the quest text to copy it to post in a text to speech program... Ya some of us are disabled. Would be nice to have an in-game text to speech (TTS) option like many of the Ubisoft games uses windows TTS API. You could also add a speech to text (STT) The same as some Microsoft games and Ubisoft have in their game windows has an API for it too.

    Question 2:
    Will there be any accessibility options for people with disabilities?

    I think this would be important to have for disabled people to be able to enjoy the hard work you put in the quest story. The STT would be good for people with disabilities so they can easily communicate with other players.

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    March 27, 2020 3:16 AM PDT

    I Have been debating bringing this up myself  I find  that with  PD I have problems with the speed combat in many newer  games even  playing  WoW classic  was a push on the speed of combat i can maintain  and ended up leaving wow classic when grouping raiding was the only progression left. 

    I really hope that  Pantheon  keeps this in mind  the  one ablity bar and the return of classic eq combat pacing is alot of the draw I had to the game.

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    March 27, 2020 10:36 AM PDT
    If VR makes colored rings or auras or something that matters for people to notice/avoid, please make the reasonable fit colorblind people like myself.

    Maybe a combination of symbols and colors?