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Resist tank Vs tanking with resists

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    September 30, 2019 6:10 PM PDT

    Hello, fellow DL's.  was curious what the DL communities thought was about a tank geared for resists vs a tank based on resists.  I have been going back and fourth on this myself and am at kind of a cross roads... on one hand. having a resist tank handed to me is well ok i guess. but i recall years ago grinding for resist gear to improve my character. it made me feel a sense of accomplishment that i did that work. that i earned that raid spot, Mainly because anyone could have done it. but I did it. i put in the extra effort to be the most viable.  I understand every tank is going to have their own ups and downs and i accept that whole heartedly. But my question to the coummunity is would it be a better experience in your opinion to be a equal physically to other tanks, with the ability to compensate for magic resist, or is a straight magic resist tank a viable option?  I understand that Paladins and DL's do have self heals and that does put the warrior at a disadvantage but as it stands with the warrior's AC boost above the paladin i beleieve the warrior's are still the power house when it comes to AC so while not having hands on experience in theory it seems to balance.  My thoughts though unfounded because i have yet to play the game at all. are that eventually resist gear is going to catch up to if not surpass the DL's magic resist and render them not absolutely neccesary,  and if you can get a plate tank with "enough" resists to survive then its good enough. dont need perfect. just need to win.. so what do you guys think? is there a difference? what is your preference?

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    October 1, 2019 10:48 AM PDT

    Just check pretty much any/every Dire Lord thread from the past year and you will see a constant back and forth on this. 

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    October 3, 2019 7:39 AM PDT

    What @Iksar said.

    My last post was similar to what you are saying in regard to "farming resist gear".  If mail gear is what will be giving superior resists compared to plate, then warriors will likely horde mail and still have superior AC do to higher armor proficiency skill + resilience + shields.  (If mail isn't what is giving DLs superior resists, then why bother with mail? - All tanks get abilities to reflect/block spells).

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    October 3, 2019 2:06 PM PDT

    Darch said:

    (If mail isn't what is giving DLs superior resists, then why bother with mail? - All tanks get abilities to reflect/block spells).

    The devil is in the details; just because all tanks have some means to reflect/block spells doesn't mean all have the same number of options, are equally as effective, or have good cooldowns or stat scaling. 

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    October 4, 2019 9:51 AM PDT
    For me the issue comes down to groups can I be a viable tank there raids happen little tell that's all that are left. My worry is I'll be confined to a few zones that have mostly casting mobs. Because I won't be able to tank as well as a rouge or rangers, monk with there off tank ablitys... They made the comment that shields are going to have massive ac and paly and war will be using them as a main item now I want to duel wield so ok.. but wit them having plate armor to... Wtf so are we in heavy chain going to be at 75 ac while there at 120... And warriors are supposed to get the highest reposit and deflect... And the only thing we get is resistance. .. and don't for get shamy and rangers get chain to so what there ac will be 60 to out 75... I'm still uncomfortable with this chain idea if they said that we would have hired agility base defenses as well as our resistances I might be more okay with this.
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    October 5, 2019 2:11 PM PDT

    well my straight to the point actual question is this:

    should an zone or raid be designed based on a class or a couple classes or should it be designed to be a (for example) heavy magic based fight that other tanks with the proper resist gear etc "can, with difficulty" tank it and win. 

    what im trying to say is if a tank can gear for it and accomplish the same task as a DL with a little extra effort would it be viable to bring the DL  in for that fight? IMO winning is winning. one fight may be harder but if the job gets done thats the bottom line,  now what if they do design content based on the DL being THAT much more desireable? that still doesnt seem ok to me. making one class more desireable because of a damage type. they specifically said all tanks will be able to handle any fight just some with more ease than others.  so in my experience its allot easier to "bulletproof" one tank than 3 or 4 (especially starting out new level/raid content)  guess im wondering if with resist gear if the other tanks will be able to obtain a level of resists to make an encounter not easy... but doable. (im sure that will be more obvious in later expansions mostly because in my experience the first release of the game generally doesnt hold huge amounts of resists and stat gear) in which case will the DL be needed or just accepted... and if not. what are the other tanks going to do if content is unable to be tanked by them. just seems weird (and im not saying it will be the case) that a tank cant tank certain things. because of the mechanics of the class.. now tank swapping during a raid i understand like when the mob drops aggro or something. but he is still able to be tanked, and through a design in the raid that mob has to be tanked by multiple tanks..

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    October 9, 2019 8:44 AM PDT

    Rhelic said:

    in my experience its allot easier to "bulletproof" one tank than 3 or 4 (especially starting out new level/raid content)

    This is exactly what the majority of experienced MMO players think too.  Intentionally creating encounters to force players to separate tank classes is not something many of us that want the game to succeed would recommend.  This will force power gamers (as well as players that want to be on the cutting edge of content, and just people that like winning more than losing) to exclude two of the tank classes in an attempt to make one tank class "bulletproof" and then EVENTUALLY (typically after an expansion) give the scraps (outdated gear) to the other tanks.  I won't be the dog sitting under the table waiting for scraps and leftovers again.

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    November 23, 2019 1:41 PM PST

    Was that already on the DL class page ?


    Sanguine Cloak

    Passive Ability. Your mastery of essence has made you more resistant to magical effects.


    Or was I blind ?