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Songs = Dragon Age Origins: Sustained abilities

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    August 8, 2019 9:06 AM PDT

    Since there are rumors about Dragon Age 4 coming out in the near/distant future, I thought I should actually finish the first 3 games.  

    As I am playing through Origins, I find that the Sustained abilities taking a percentage of your stamina/mana is a very effective balancing act.  

    I would love to see this come to light in Pantheon. 

    I enjoyed the EQ1 Bard song twisting, but it was hard to maintain. 

    EQ2 made the songs fire-n-forget.  I forgot what they did.  Once you turn them on they persisted even through death, making you forget that you have them at all.

    Vanguard tried to allow song creation.  I think this could work here.  If each song cost 5% of your max stamina/mana, then 2 songs "combined" might be a total of 8% of your max stamina/mana.  Making preparing your songs in advanced cheaper to cast then casting the same 2 songs "un-combined" in the spur of the moment.  

    A song could be "enhanced" 1, 2, 3 or 4 times.  Each enhancement takes the cost of that song up to 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% of your max stamina/mana.  

    Just like DAO, once the song is cancelled, your max stamina/mana is raised, but the lost stamina/mana still has to go through the normal regeneration to fill in the new space.