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Another Bard Idea Post

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    June 11, 2019 10:31 AM PDT

    My favorite class in EQ was the Bard. I enjoyed their role in solo, group and raid play. Often Bard mains reminisce over aoe or swarm kiting, but my best memories were convoying groups deep into a dungeon with an invisibility song or breaking a camp with lull. I loved saving my group from unexpected roamers and pops by mezzing and charming on the fly. Their versatility was unmatched, and I'm hoping that Pantheon creates a class that offers that same creativity and flexibility. I have a google doc where I brainstorm ideas I'd like to see. I just became a supporter on the forums, so I figured I'd share what I have so far.


    Usable Armor

    Cloth - high magic resist / low physical defense

    Leather - medium magic resist / medium physical defense

    Plate - low magic resist / high physical defense


    Usable Weapons (limited to 1-handed)








    Usable Ranged Weapons



    Short Bow

    Throwing Daggers


    Class Specific Items

    Illusion Masks - Changes the appearance and faction standing of a player character.

    Puppets - Created by tailors (see spells/songs for use).

    Instruments - Used in Lieu of weapons to enhance the effects of songs.


    Class Specific Tradeskills

    Trinket Crafting: Create trinkets that fill an equipment slot (all classes have a trinket equipment slot, though some trinkets are class specific). Examples:

    +5% chance to single pull with a throwing weapon

    +5% chance to memblur on CC

    +5% chance to succeed with feign death

    +10% chance to dodge attacks under 20% health. etc.


    Class Specific Skills/Abilities

    (As Bards are known for their charisma, I'd love to see some Bard specific non-combat abilities. Personally, I like the idea of a bard sharing some of the mischievous qualities of a rogue as well)

    Begging - The ability to beg for minor coin off NPCs. This could result in being attacked if the NPC becomes too annoyed. (higher skill = higher success rate, higher donation, less chance of being attacked)

    Busking - The ability to amplify a song so that it can affect players outside your party. Can only be used out of combat. Places a collection plate in front of the bard, capable of accepting monetary tips from players. (higher skill = further radius)

    Cardshark - Some NPCs found in taverns offer gambling opportunities. This ability offers the player an attempt at cheating, which can result in success, failure, or critical failure making the NPC hostile. (higher skill = higher chance at success / higher chance at not being discovered)

    Lock Pick - The ability to pick locked doors without using the required key. (higher skill = success on more complex locks)

    Masquerade - The ability to use basic supplies (cloth, dye, etc) to mimic the appearance of target NPC. Cannot attack or run while in costume. (higher the skill = longer lasting costumes)

    Pickpocket - The ability to steal coin and small non-magical items from NPCs at the risk of being detected and attacked. Higher level NPCs come with a higher chance to fail. Can only be used out of combat. (higher rank = capability to pickpocket higher level mobs / less chance to fail)


    Class Specific Songs/Spells

    (I will assume bards will be getting the staple songs: health and mana regen, invisibility, levitate, lull, haste, run-speed, etc)

    Charm - A song which allows you to take control of an NPC and have it perform your bidding for a short while.

    Power Chord - A song which stuns NPCs within a certain radius.

    Puppetry - A song which controls a deployable puppet (crafted by tailors). This puppet does minimal damage and has an aggro radius and threat level the same as a player would. Puppets threat is not attached to bard threat. Could be used for pulling, scouting, or as a low-level dot in combat.

    Siren’s Call - A song which puts the bard at the top of the aggro list for all enemies in the vicinity.

    Song of Befuddlement - A song which inebriates nearby enemies reducing their chance to hit or successfully cast.

    Throw Voice - A spell which allows the bard to throw their voice to a target location (selected by targeting the ground). This spell makes patrolling NPCs stop in place, and all NPCs to turn towards the thrown voice for a few seconds.

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