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Hello All

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    April 17, 2019 10:48 AM PDT

    Just thought I'd drop in and say hi to everyone. I followed the same path as many others I've seen here. Started EQ as soon as it came out, then EQ2, WOW, Rift and a few others. While those later games were visually better and added more and more things into the fold, it just doesn't seem to compare to the time I spent playing EQ and the friends I made. I can't quite put my finger on what exactly was missing though. Maybe I just got older or gaming lost some of its magic as life got in the way. /nostalgia off


    Every month I read through the newsletter, I always get excited looking at the progress and promise of things to come, but then utter depression sets in when I realize that I can't play it yet ;)




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    April 17, 2019 10:51 AM PDT


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    April 17, 2019 12:43 PM PDT
    Welcome dude
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    April 17, 2019 1:14 PM PDT

    Welcome :)

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    April 17, 2019 1:20 PM PDT

    Welcome  :)

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    April 17, 2019 1:49 PM PDT

    Welcome Utadyan

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    April 17, 2019 2:18 PM PDT

    Welcome to the fold!

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    April 17, 2019 4:10 PM PDT

    Welcome ! Utadyan :) 

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    April 17, 2019 4:10 PM PDT


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    April 17, 2019 6:15 PM PDT


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    April 18, 2019 1:54 PM PDT

    Haha, don't worry friend.. It's a shared depression! Welcome the to the community!

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    April 20, 2019 11:49 AM PDT

    Welcome :)

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    May 12, 2019 12:38 PM PDT

    Two thumbs WAY UP for starting with Old EQ (like many of us here). There were hundreds of thousands of us there at one time. Welcome back! 

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    May 30, 2019 4:40 PM PDT
    Welcome, most if is feel very much the same as you. I think it comes down to the game itself as far as what kind of community it has. The more watered down the game is to appeal to as big an audience as posible the worse the community is, the more focused the game is one one audience the better the community or rather the more like minded the community will be. From what I see so far this will be an amazing community.