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Community help! <3

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    February 23, 2019 6:44 AM PST

    Hello all! About 2 months back I posted in to the Introduce yourself section. Telling about who I am what my plans are ect which you can find in the "about me". Well plans have changed! Only for the better however especially for Pantheon Rise of the fallen. I am now as of 2 weeks ago streaming full time on my twitch Monday - Fridays, starting at 8:30 am Mountain time until roughly 5:00 pm. The stream progress has been wonderful. THAT BEING SAID, I am currently just streaming random games building a small and wonderful community on my stream waiting waiting... but waiting PATIENTLY, for Pantheon to be released into Alpha and beyond. I am excited to bring my growing group of followers to Pantheon, when I can. I am aware streaming alpha wont happen ;). BOTTOM LINE, It would mean so much for your support to come by the channel talk about pantheon keep the hype rolling for it and introduce my growing twitch into a MMO with HUGE potential. EVERY follow means a lot. With the support of my loving fiance behind me fully and a vision for Pantheon I abide you forwell with some interweb links ! :D <3 LOVE YOU GUYS.


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    Very cool man! Thx! 

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    Awesome, welcome to the community!

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