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- Anachronism - now recruiting

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    February 10, 2019 8:40 PM PST

    Out of its chronological order, a person or practice belonging to an earlier time.

    Might be you have that Sony Walkman lying around somewhere.
    Maybe when first hearing of 'Lady Gaga' you laughed, started humming 'all we hear is radio Ga Ga'.
    Perhaps you prefer text over VOIP; tend to miss mirc or think fondly of it.
    You may wonder how come advancement's so often synonymous with over-complicating life and what for anyway; what are you missing?
    You're still around though, making do, on track, abreast of things? Still having plenty to show as it were?

    Well we do too. And we aim to present.

    Like Pantheon, we're of the past, loonily.. i meant happily existing in the present. We hold on to the old, selectively embrace the new. Nothing wrong with shiny!
    (if you're a fossil though, we can always compare shells. Tell us about your authigenic mineralization)

    We've been at this for some time now, had our back and forths, bonded through them, solidified.
    And we're ready to flood the gates! ..Pardon..? Oh, open the gates, why yes. Stop interrupting me, i lose track. Where was i again. Ah yes, the flooding.

    - We want boats; /thread.
    - We seek individuals possessing a sense of humour, an ounce of dignity, a sliver of ethos. We seek character and all it can bring to the table. Did i mention humour?
    - We're after people who can appreciate honesty, tolerate ideas or beliefs they may not share themselves. No one likes feeling constrained, so we give you the room we'd want you to give us. Think zero censorship, zero 'sensitivities' and as many biases as you like. Think normal people, that were around before Political Correctness; and act like it.
    - We're looking for team players, tolerating the inevitable differences, capable of putting them aside for a common goal. We're in this together, we need know we can rely on one another.
    - Shinies! We'll be logging many hours and eventually tackling grouped content. Takes a different.. clientele for that league, granted, so you may be wondering how much we can really accomplish given our approach to recruiting. Well we're here to find out.
    - We value age, maturity, good intentions. We're after friendship, solidarity, that sense of nobler a purpose we've come to miss as we matured and wisened; or thought we did.. but let's not dwell there!
    - Impartiality's a must. You acknowledge i'm the prettiest Ogre to have walked on Terminus. Let me bat those eyelashes.

    Intrigued? Post below or PM me. I'll feign an interest, pretend i care. Really, you'd never know.

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    February 10, 2019 8:41 PM PST


    1. What's your timezone?
    We haven't set one, we want to ensure there'll always be guildies you can group with no matter your time of day (we know what it's like after 01:00 or 02:00 AM) and we also wish to avoid reliving the past; no matter how well Pantheon does at launch, history (EQ, EQII, Vanguard) says eventually we'll be dealing with potential ghost EU servers. I wouldn't take that chance for myself again and i won't be taking it on your behalf either.
    I'm setting this up so we all benefit, with the added note that schedules being.. all over for some of us, you won't ever feel as if the guild consists of separate subgroups.

    2. Your stance on different playstyles? (solo, crafting, diplomat if we're lucky)
    A whole is always made up of smaller, distinct portions. I think it's regrettable we've come to distinguish between them in a manner that precludes one from coexisting with another. We need you as much as you'll come to need us. On a broader level a community is, again, made of many and distinct personalities. So to state what should have been obvious to so so many, no, not an issue at all. If you're happy with it, am happy as well. We're after people, not pixels :)

    3. I've seen mention of alternate server rulesets..
    We're strictly PvE, so we'll be rolling in a strictly PvE server.
    We're strictly about character and mentality, not financial status; if servers of the 'Gold' or 'VIP' variety are ever an option, rest assured we'll be avoiding those too.

    4. Can i find you in the game now? If not, when?
    Most of us have Alpha passes so come that phase, by all means send me a whisper. If the reply makes you wonder who gave the dumb Ogre a keyboard and what were they thinking, you'll know you've found me. Bear in mind (why, that's a small bear mister!) i won't be held liable for loss of eyesight or related afflictions thereof.
    In the meantime, feel free to post something below? Get to know us!

    5. That logo looks awful!
    How dare you! My awe-inspiring artistic skills are beyond reproach, especially from the likes of.. you!

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    February 11, 2019 1:37 AM PST

    I believe I could be the troll to your ogre (which I concede without hesitation, is the prettiest ogre to have walked on Terminus).

    I'm a fellow fossil - birthed in the dark reaches of northern Europe, who has lived for nigh on 35 rotations, and spelunked through the pixellated landscapes of Azeroth for more than a decade. Though my journey has occasionally seen me dip my toes in other worlds, I never quite found what I lost over the years: the sense of accomplishment and camaraderie that comes from braving challenges together with likeminded fellows, rather than having your hand held whilst enjoying the ride on the strict rails.

    If your company will have me then I will attempt to buff and heal my way into your hearts (while occasionally getting on your nerves).

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    February 11, 2019 2:37 AM PST

    tfrengler said:

    I believe I could be the troll to your ogre (which I concede without hesitation, is the prettiest ogre to have walked on Terminus).


    Compliments won't work on me!

    And really.. you shouldn't have.. so nice of you though.. have i mentioned how my horns glint when the sun's just so..


    PMing :)


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    February 11, 2019 4:41 AM PST

    I want to play with people who don't get mad when you wipe 3 times. I want to group with people who let the rogue have the off hand weapon that looks cool. I want to be a tank or a necromancer when the necromancer becomes available. I also like the idea of the summoner. I don't like to zerg everything and try to play through the content as fast as possible. I dont want to play the game to be the first one to do all things in game and miss the content just to be first. I want to be an explorer of the content and discover it while chatting with other guild members whether they are in the group or just chatting. I want to stop doing my dungeon crawl because a guild member needs help. I want enough guild members online we can always put a group together to do content. I hope to hear from your guild on whether I should apply for a membership in Anachronism. My writing skills leave a lot to be desired and as english is my first and really only language my ability to speak is probably just as bad. I am an old man that likes to play games like a little kid when it comes to mmo's.


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    February 11, 2019 5:02 AM PST

    Lockjr said:

    my ability to speak is probably just as bad.

    He jests ^^

    Bad he says! Bad!

    You haven't heard me speak yet. Oooh no sir, not yet. Lord help you though, you will. You might come to reconsider then! .. Bad, he says ..

    I try to ease folks through first, you understand? Wouldn't want to scare them away now would i. A cunning plan that i have, all in all. I keep it a secret of course, best if not shared. Obvious reasons all in all.

    Let me PM you, we can pretend i have a mellifluous voice and you a most eloquent speech, a marvel of writesmanship if you will.


    * Your profile's private am afraid, cannot PM you. If not too much trouble, do consider making it public? I saw the email address, but i'd rather we talked from here if you don't mind.

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    February 11, 2019 4:08 PM PST

    We welcome @tfrengler !

    Hairy and a Troll he might be, but when did i let that stop me!

    I mean.. yes.. inner qualities, that's it! Which i'm sure he has! Some of them, maybe. One thing at a time i always say. Anyways, glad to have you along! Are you by any chance photogenic?

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    February 12, 2019 12:00 AM PST

    @Lockjr officially joins the ranks! We're glad to have you man.

    You neglected to mention in your application which is it you prefer most, latrine duty or digging holes in the sand, but absolutely no worries, we'll work all that out in no time, i promise.

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    February 19, 2019 9:53 PM PST

    Great group of people! Looking forward to exploring Terminus together. 



    Welcome Lockjr :) 


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    March 4, 2019 9:29 AM PST

    Guilds.. pfff.. great people.. right..
    Guild joining is the most fatuous, tenth-rate entertainment ever devised by man. Many effeminate fossils waving bits of cloth they rest their mouses on. How it's still going on in this day and age i'll never know.
    But you need not know either! Cherished subjects, you need merely place your trust in yours trully; solely for your benefit, needless to say; democratically without doubt; on equal terms for us all!



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    March 7, 2019 6:50 AM PST

    I've come across the writings of one Arturien, proclaiming us Ogres smelly! Smelly if you can believe it! The ignorance astounds me. Or would have if i had a brain i could call mine.

    A message must be sent, this cannot go by unanswered. I will find someone to compose and then deliver it, i'd get lost in the way. One definitely smarter than me, that can also read, that is not deaf and has at least one hand functional; although this last is optional, i can always write it down for him. Yes, that's it. It won't be easy, but the clan is big, i have hope such an individual exists among us.

    Should his reply not show repentance, i've decided you will all gather without me and go to his land, stand outside crossbow range and throw bags of French people over his castle's wall. That will show him.

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    April 2, 2019 11:57 AM PDT

    Am feeling particularly magnanimous today; or should i say 'we', as befitting our royal status; no, i did say magnanimous did i not, best not to disabuse them of any notions. Let them think i care, that's it. Was always so thankful i could agree with myself.

    But as i was saying, magnanimous. I have thus decided i need more subjects. That is, members of equal standing of course. Membership must continue unchecked!


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    April 17, 2019 4:07 PM PDT

    Mentioned it in Discord as well, but just in case..

    Installed Lotro yesterday (again!) just to have a look (no really! Just a peek!), saw the Beorning class, bought it, rolled a toon, in the end am subbed once again and it's like half a day later; anyone here, be you a guild member or not, doesn't matter, is interested, am on Evernight (EU) because that's where my money is, lol, toon's name is 'Ov'; which means something in the Dwarven langue and i used to have a whole story about how i got it in another toon even though it was a human, but that was 7 i think? Years earlier and by now i don't even recall what it means. Who gives a **** anyway, i know. Name is 'Ov'.

    Feel free to PM if you find yourself there :)


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    May 10, 2019 11:01 AM PDT

    Merriness aside, if i could only remind that i log in daily; i do keep an eye on the thread and the forum, i do read your PMs :)

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    June 25, 2019 12:12 PM PDT

    Came across this toon in my Lotro server named Tairy Hesticles! Kin name? Knights who say Ni!

    Need some more of those.. if one excludes the 12yr old (of all ages mind) pixel hunters and the online babysitters, one finds most gaming communities woefully.. small really, or should one say limited? Intellectually at that. And i see no reason to think Pantheon's will differ either.


    My musings of no import or concern aside, lol, by all means surprise me and contact me today!

    Be the winner of our brand new toaster! Totally free of charge* just for you, our next member!

    * terms and conditions apply

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    November 21, 2019 12:45 PM PST

    Sincere apologies to everyone for my absence, medical issues. Well, ongoing ones to be exact, but i can type again so here i am!

    (you thought you'd escaped me didn't you, you miserable sacks of lard.. rejoiced did you, ungrateful peasants.. well i'll show you. When i can walk again.. no strike that, i should be showing strength, yes, that's it, best fool them, i do hate usurpers)


    If in the interim you've come to find greener pastures, no hard feelings, perfectly understandable. That slight unease, cold perspiration, ever increasing dizziness you might come to experience is but a fanciful notion, of course i'd never curse you! What kind of a man do you think i am?

    And should you, unintelligent and worthless as you are, have remained, do post or PM, really. Jokes aside, it's been a ride, not much i could have done am afraid. Would like to hear from you/know who if any's still around. Not able to use Discord, so pick up that stone and chisel and get in touch with your inner caveman.


    Lastly, leave it to me to log in again the very day the lead developer passes away. Yes. Big elephant here and ever the pragmatic one -me you morons, not the elephant-, i've no qualms speaking my mind; no clue what's gonna happen to Pantheon and yes, that was my first thought. One must above all be reasonable, lol. Might be some time before we know, as they'll have legalities to sort out amidst everything else; no matter what happens, do still post or PM if you're around.

    Once again, sincere apologies for the absence. This is probably the first and last post wherein you see us (being me, myself and i) apologise, so enjoy it! low have i fallen!..

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    November 22, 2019 5:28 AM PST

    Another hairy member added to the roster!

    All hail Skragar, a dwarf of mighty, err, horizontal proportions! Good to have you along man, welcome :)

    (whoever it was that bribed him to join us do speak up, you've earned a rank advancement; i salute initiative)


    .. speaking of hairy, have we any female members i've come to wonder?

    .. what do you mean NO?


    .. how 'bout cross-dressers!

    .. shaved though, for the love of God, shaved.

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    December 24, 2019 11:27 AM PST

    Merry, White and Christian Christmas to everyone reading :)

    (in advance am afraid, but.. nonetheless)


    Very best wishes to you all!

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    December 27, 2019 4:23 AM PST

    This sounds quite interesting! I'm a somewhat disagreeable anachronist myself, with a strong preference towards truth and fraternity.


    Would love to have a chat, either by PM or on discord (Raigi#7354).

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    December 27, 2019 10:06 AM PST

    Raigi said:

    This sounds quite interesting! I'm a somewhat disagreeable anachronist myself, with a strong preference towards truth and fraternity.

    Thank you for voluntarily stating your interest! Allow me to apologise for any -misperceived naturally- coercion or intimidation you may have experienced from our recruiters! They have your best interests at heart, i assure you! We believe in your having the free will to do what i think is best for you, a tenet we strive hard to instill without prejudice! Allow me thus to additionally congratulate you for knowing the socially Utopic when you see it!

    Though i must wonder just how you define being disagreeable; i am the prettiest Ogre around, this is anxiom, immovable fact, science. There are limits i'd have you know. Well, unless you're me obviously! Which statistically speaking you aren't, though all things being relative, who can attest to that with certainty indeed.

    Am truly glad we've got this sorted.


    As to Discord, well.. i had me a minor accident honestly, though frankly i do blame gravity. Most petty a disposition towards the unfeasible, but.. one endures alas. I'm as such currently in the care of a wonderful and so very understanding a money bleeding institution, usually known to the world as a hospital. Most wonderful, have i mentioned.

    Until i'm discharged or sent to the looney bin once for all, who knows, i cannot access our server and am afraid i'm the only one with invite rights. Sorry.

    Will PM you right away, just thought i'd mention this here as well.

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    December 31, 2019 11:29 AM PST

    In advance yet again, but a happy new year to all you lunatics!


    You're lazy, unmotivated (why must i be the resident clown, lol, can't someone else bump this..) and most of all worthless, but that's what high standards are for!

    Best wishes, part deux!

    No, without Charlie Sheen.. Damned smartass..

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    January 22, 2020 8:56 AM PST

    Have news to share, much to my eternal lament; and yes, eternal indeed! Amaranthine raggedy is me, or so i'd claim, anything to support my rights to poetic license really.

    And i meant tragedy! Not raggedy! Heaven forbid, not moi! Tragedy then. Very tragic.

    But where we.. ah yes, thank you. All so very tragic, is it not.


    I've regrettably been deemed unworthy! Unworthy of further ministrations! How dare they! Hospitals, they tell you, care and fostering, they tell you. Affronted and that's putting it mildly, now i'll have to pretend i'm healthy again! All so very dreadful. I'm repeating myself you say?

    Critics, critics everywhere.

    Succinctly then you ignorant vebal fascists, lol, i'll be discharged within the next week (once home, i can have Discord access again. In between physio sessions. The joy).