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Stand alone or Steam

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    February 10, 2019 11:20 AM PST
    Not sure if this has been discussed or people even have thoughts on it. And I doubt VR has even gotten that far on where to release.
    But should Pantheon be a stand alone game? Or released on Steam?
    I myself use to hate when games released on steam. Now though I really like the connection with friends, new players, and even forums and information that steam has. This can help with maybe players looking for a little direction in a quest, or looking for guild, or discord group. Lets other players see that you ate playing it and maybe ask about it, or let you show them live play.
    I do not fully understand the price to be on steam, but i assume steam would want a piece of the pie. What are some of your thoughts on the direction of release for the game when the time comes?
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    February 10, 2019 11:31 AM PST

    Please no Steam, or at least let people decide to not have it on Steam.

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    February 10, 2019 11:37 AM PST

    Pretty please no Steam.  Maybe I'm just old, but I don't understand this need to know who/what/where/when/why/to what extent someone else (even a friend) is playing a game.  And 'but it's a social aspect' doesn't cut it' 8-).


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    February 10, 2019 1:13 PM PST

    No steam.  Standalone.

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    February 10, 2019 1:50 PM PST

    At the very least, options other than Steam. I don't care if its available through Steam, but definetly don't let that be the only option.

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    February 10, 2019 4:26 PM PST

    If selling on Steam is profitable for VR that is great but I do not want to have to *play* the game through Steam. Things running while the game is played add to lag - I want to be allowed to play with no other programs running if that is my choice.

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    February 10, 2019 5:24 PM PST

    I have had a lot of problems with steam errors, uninstalling games etc.  I rather download from VR directly.

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    February 10, 2019 7:02 PM PST

    Game companies save money w/ Steam, GoG, and others because it saves money on not needing infrustructure for dealing with payments, hosting the game's files, and traffic management.

    Pantheon, by it's very essence, already has all that infrustructure. Thus it would cost VR more to have the game on Steam (which takes a 30% cut) than to just do everything themselves (since it's just the cost of traffic, storage, and dynamic hardware allocation which is pennies per download on AWS)

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    February 10, 2019 7:27 PM PST
    Steam community is toxic. I say that as a steam member. No thank you. Looking forward to breaking away from steam.
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    February 10, 2019 7:40 PM PST

    Both ...  sell it on the steam platform , but allow direct download . All steam does is open up the chances of new players seeing the game and playing it.

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    February 10, 2019 7:43 PM PST

    No Steam, please.

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    February 10, 2019 8:04 PM PST

    No steam please.

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    February 10, 2019 11:56 PM PST

    I geuss i'm neutral. I'll prefer to start it from steam and then it starts a standalone launcher, which you could run standalone to start with a shortcut, would work just fine. I don't see an immediate benefit for me in either situation. Unless i'd be owning a LAN cafe or something of the sorts due to Steam Caching to save my own bandwidth.

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    February 11, 2019 12:40 AM PST

    This is a stand alone game, period. 

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    February 11, 2019 2:31 AM PST

    I would love to run Pantheon under Steam, as I do all my other games. Not because of the community, though. That means nothing to me.

    I prefer to have all my gaming investments available with a single user account, and I like that everything is kept updated automatically. If it could be made in such a way that I wouldn't have a separate login to my Pantheon account, and if the subscription fee could be handled through my Steam account, that would be even better.

    Having said that, it's not a big deal for me, as long as downloading, installation, account creation and client updates are implemented in a convenient manner.

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    February 11, 2019 3:13 AM PST

    Not steam, 
    steam takes up to 30% of the revenue, it might be a good platform for f2p or even b2p with cash shop product, but very bad for subscription based game.

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    February 11, 2019 5:29 AM PST

    Tanix said:

    Please no Steam, or at least let people decide to not have it on Steam.

    I don't mind if they want it on Steam so long as it has its own stand alone player. I prefer it that way to be honest. I worry about Pantheon going to Steam in some ways. You're getting a whole different community of players there, and they likely won't be kind in the review section. In fact, I'm certain if it releases in an early access state given how that system has been abused to no end by countless developers that they'll get raked over the hot coals just out of general principle.

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    February 11, 2019 8:16 AM PST

    Standalone, PLEASE!

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    February 12, 2019 3:17 PM PST

    Maybe I am just old and don't get understand steam.  I thought you can buy the game through steam and play as normal.  I was playing EQ on Lockjaw and someone asked me for my steam account name.  I didn't have a steam account at the time but we were still able to play togetherwith no issues.  Since then I got a steam account and bought a few games and play with no interaction or problems with other people.