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The Pacifist / Diplomat

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    February 10, 2019 9:51 AM PST

    Here is a fun semi tongue-in-cheek idea:

    The pacifist (or perhaps diplomat) would be a melee support class that would have no acess to any spells. The class would be PURE support and would not do any damage and would only exist to provide buffs /debuffs to the group. The defining ability of the class would be its innate ability to give an xp bonus to the group and a higher probability of getting a rare drop.


    The pacifist could have CC to senient enemies only, as well as a diplomatic "pick pocket" where they could convince enemies to give them coinage.


    They could have abilities that could temporarily change pathing areas of sentient beings as well, which could help with harder pulls


    This class is not meant for the faint of heart as it will require a solid group around it to be successful. Its an interesting avenue to go down but could actually be a legitimate, challenging, and rewarding, class in Pantheon. Plus, adding a third viable support class unique to Pantheon would be pretty rad.

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    April 18, 2019 3:03 PM PDT


    "Monologue" - puts your enemies to sleep ... but allies as well!

    "Long lecture" - as the time passes your enemies have higher chance of dying out of boredom.

    "White flag" - reduces your enemies hate  toward your group and confuses them, giving your friends time to make an ambush

    "Pouch of gold" - everything is for sell, everyone can be bought - you pay your enemy to fight by your side for a time.

    "Known pacifist" - passive - somehow most creatures wants to punch you as soon as they see you ... you still don't know why - you start combat with accumulated hate

    "Well read" - passive - the time you'd spend on learning how to fight utilized for reading books, which gave you knowledge about the world that you decided to shere with your friends - you allies now see resistances of their enemies and have increased dex and int.

    Well the class would be fun - but not really fit into the game that well xP