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  • 21st day of Cloudraes


    Hello Terminusians!


    I know you typically hear from Vhalen on Nemysul, but he is feeling a bit under the weather and wanted me to bring you our blog this week.  Say a prayer or two to Riak for him, if you think of it.  Anyways, on to some exciting news for this week!  Have you been listening to the Sam Skatch show Friday nights on KTAM?  If you have, then you will have heard about his adventures around Kingsreach.  Well, Vhalen has been working hard and has conjured up a map of the area of Kingsreach.  See if you can follow the trail of Skatch's eventful travels!


    Vhalen and I have also been working on another Pantheon for you all to see.  The Trinariad is a human pantheon made up of an alliance among the Briggean, Platocian, and Maratan races.  Poor Oranthel rejected this alliance and went rogue.  How do those remaining get along?  Guess we shall find out.  This pantheon is a bit complex, but we should hopefully be able to start revealing some of it this week!




    With some of the kerfuffle over the last couple of weeks, I have tackled a couple of personal projects and for about another week, those get a chunk of my time. Don’t worry though – I have more heroes as well as a pantheon in store for you now and in the near future!


    First – The second part of the Taurokian/Ogre hero saga will be released this week.

    Secondly – I’m still working on character appearances for each race. We’re writing these up in detail to give the artists for rendering as they have time.

    And last but not least – I’m in the middle of devising the setting for the first hero saga one of our lore irregulars will tackle.

    Here’s to the exciting future of lore ahead of us!




    Last week, we saw the unveiling of the newest creatures, the Gnolls. I took a small part in helping create the packs and I had a lot of fun working on it. The initial goal was to create packs that were unique and not something seen in other games. This led to some interesting results and not only that, a small typo which later turned in a great writing opportunity came about. So keep checking back to learn more about the gnome that is now the leader of one of the packs and how this came about!


    Another thing that we got to see was the first part of my little blog series which I fondly called, “Do you wanna build a language?” In it, I briefly describe what I’m working on and a little insight of the newest language, Etryan. It wasn’t much but it was at least a start that I will keep working on it. My goal is to show the changes and the growth of this language as it progresses, which is something you don’t normally see. Also, to just put this out there, I’m currently working on a top secret project on top of this project which is going to be MINDBLOWING! (Or at least that’s the goal) So conlang lovers and linguists alike will surely love what I have in store for them. Just you wait!


    So what’s in store for me this week? Well, not too much but I would like to take a moment and speak a bit personally. With the turbulence that has hit us in recent weeks, it’s been rather difficult getting back on track but like my sisters, I will always stand with the community and continue on with what I love doing, writing stories and creating conlangs. You have all loved and supported us, giving us the needed boost to continue on when we feel down which has been greatly appreciated. I know things have been tough but we will stand together. I will miss the friends that have left us but I look forward to sharing the stories with those that stay and those that will come. Stay strong, Terminusians! STOR KRAGTUR!




    As Mis pointed out, this has been quite a week or so in the world of Terminus.  Vhalen has made a post about our stance as the Lore4 and what you should expect from us.  We have said from the beginning that we would be here for the community of Pantheon but also for the gaming community at large.  We have met some great members throughout this journey and look forward to making many more be it in Terminus or worlds beyond!


    As always...

    'Till Yonder