• In order to make a truley emursive game i feel that the scale of the game needs to be much much larger, a human character model should be to scale whith a real human. all current games make you feel like your playing in a dollhouse. the gnome character model should be to the scale of the frost giants in keal drakkel and then everything else should be much much larger, if you go to keal and press f9 till you get the camera view that centers the camera like 10 feet above your characers head and then use that perspective as your first person view and then walk around keal pretending its a gnome city and that the giants are gnomes you will see what i mean. much more immersive. also it would be nice to be able to see your legs arms, and torso when you are in first person view, like a real personal my opinion games that are to true life scale are going to be the next biggest thing since 3d gameing :) When  i go from first person perspective and then mousewheel the camera a real life foot away from my character, my character should not be 2 inches tall on screen, it should look as tho im 1 foot away from the back of my character. size in game translates to real life distance traveled on the ground of the 3d world not the size the character and tree models shrink and grow when you hit the mousewheel.