Bring importance back to gameing

  • Give mobs important loot, give classes important spells and abilities, make quests important, difficult ai that gives fights that sense of urgency. These things make our toons important in the world. I think having only 1 ingame currency is important as well. Because if equipment that you no longer use can still be sold to merchants and players for a good price then those rare items that drop off lower lvl content will never loose their importance. for example the glowing black stone was a super rare drop off a low lvl mob in everquest and was highly sought after. but after a few expansions it lost its importance and was forgotten, but if it vendered for lets say 10000pp then it would for ever bee an important loot because you could sell it and buy higher lvl gear \;0 also i diddent like how epic weapons lost their importance in everquest. epic weapons should come with an spell or ability that never looses its importance.