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  • Name discovery

    I walked into the guild lobby and all i could see is layers of peoples names and guild names, and i dont know a single person within the 45 or so characters. so why do i know their name and their guild. i was thinking that player names should only display if you have grouped with a person before. an...
  • scale/emersion

    In order to make a truley emursive game i feel that the scale of the game needs to be much much larger, a human character model should be to scale whith a real human. all current games make you feel like your playing in a dollhouse. the gnome character model should be to the scale of the frost giant...
  • Racial/class fanboyism

    elf ranger, halfling rogue, troll shadowknight, iksar monk, barbarian warrior, gnome mage and gnome necro, these are my fanboy race\class combos from eq im excited to see the new race\class combos for pantheon. I belive in race/class restriction as well. Gnome monks, and dark elf paladins, and troll...
  • Bring importance back to gameing

    Give mobs important loot, give classes important spells and abilities, make quests important, difficult ai that gives fights that sense of urgency. These things make our toons important in the world. I think having only 1 ingame currency is important as well. Because if equipment that you no longer ...
  • buying lotto tickets by the boatload!!!

    ive been buying lottery tickets as a funding strategy. Its a longshot i know but miracles do happen:)
  • Out of Game UI

    An out of game Ui would be really handy for doing things like crafting, just chatting , checking the ingame markets, LFG, all sorts of things.