New to Pantheon

  • I am new and learning things about Pantheon each day. I would agree that I am in the dark about most of the things this game has to offer but I decided to on a whim support Pantheon due to it's mature community. I plan to read up so I can learn more about the game each day because I am really tired of playing MMOs filled with trolls and children - including adults that may as well be children.

    I am a mom of two boys and when I have time to sit down and relax I want to do so in an MMO that I feel happy with the community. I can't tell you how many times I have had to deal with trolling and personal attacks from players who just seek out to annoy others.
    So far this community is shaping up to be something I feel like will be something special. I am a huge supporter of helping people in any way I can create a game that is exactly what I am looking for. A game that offers community, a challenge, adventure, and the want to rush home and log on.
    Ever since I started promoting the game in my social media I have had old EQ, EQ2, and Vanguard players thank me for bringing this to their attention because they had no idea this was being devloped. Where I have never played any of those MMOs it's a nice feeling helping someone find a place they can call home.
    I am excited to see what is to come and the adventures to be had.
  • Exmortis
    Exmortis You know most people talk of such poor communities in MMOs today, yet we Vanguard players all stand around and scratch our heads?? Poor community? really? why do you play those games with such crappy people. Vanguard has the best community I have ever...  more
    February 24, 2014 - 3 like this
  • eolith
    eolith Welcome! Based on my experience, this is one of the finest communities surrounding a game, thus far. I hope that we are all shaping a community you'll be proud of
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  • CanadinaXegony
    CanadinaXegony Community can make or break a game. I have been repulsed from a couple games here and there, because of a community that doesn't seem to care about one another..trolling is encouraged, and seemingly admired. It is a trend that has stuck with gaming...  more
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  • Laughter
    Laughter Exmortis, when games are fun you really want to play with hopes of sticking out the community. Sure, a community can make a not so great game worth playing but sometimes one just wants to play a game for what it is.. and due to the community it just can't happen.
    March 1, 2014