Top 5 MMO Ideas or Concepts

  • I want to state up front, this is my opinion, so you may have a different list and that is fine.

    Top 5 MMO Ideas or Concepts

    1. Vanguard - Introducing the Sphere system.  Most people probably barely noticed what I found to be a revolutionary concept, and that was the concept of being able to level up whatever sphere of advancement that tickled your fancy.  The Sphere concept was that each thing you did in Vanguard was its own area of advancement, with its own set of gear and quest lines.  
      1. Adventuring - This one is obvious, but you leveled up an adventuring character, did dungeons and quests to get better gear, and progressed through the world content.  I believe this should always be the main priority, as it involves more content all around.
      2. Crafting - Again, your own set of gear, skills, levels, and even specific areas where you had to go to in order to craft.  Take boats for example, you had to be near water or docks, makes sense right?  It was a challenge to get your crafting up, it wasn't just a set it and forget type of advancement.
      3. Harvesting - again your own set of gear and leveling.  This changed some from beta to release, but I liked having the different skills and 'attacking' the resources with different combinations to get a higher yield of commons, or to focus on lower yields but a potential rare component.
      4. Mounts - While this wasn't a sphere, I believe it should have been.  You had your own gear set, but I could see you leveling your riding ability and gain more skills more faster moving, racing at tracks, doing timed trials, etc.  I think this was a missed opportunity.  Same with boating or captaining, however you wanted to call it.
      5. Diplomacy - This was a cool sphere where you played a card game to influence members of a town to give buffs that ranged from harvesting, to crafting, to adventuring.
      6. PvP - This wasn't in there either, but I would love to see a sphere dedicated to PvP, that is different from the skill sets you use in Adventuring.  I enjoy pvp, but I get annoyed when I get a cool pve skill nerfed because its too powerful in the pvp world.  I would rather see my PvP dedicated to another sphere with a different gear set, so you could really focus on being in realm wars or gladiator type fights, and it could take on a life of its own.
      7. Gambler - Again not in vanguard, but I think games really miss out on having games of chance to play around in (and it could go hand in hand with the Mounts sphere, where you could bet on horse races).

    2. Area Based Quests - This was a cool concept brought about from I believe Warhammer Online, they called them Player vs Environment quests, don't quote me on that though.  The concept is simple, an event randomly or is triggered by doing something in the area, such as killing a lot of orcs, and an event starts that anyone can join.  Depending on your contribution would determine the reward you could get.  This was really the key feature in Rift, they built a whole game around the concept.  Even Star Trek online had their version of it.  Vanguard had it to an extent, but they were more like area bosses that you teamed up to take down, same concept, just less of an event.

    3. Realm vs Realm - this was brought about in DAOC, and really shown up in a lot of different flavors.  It was probably the only thing I loved about Guild Wars 2, you could build up and fortify a castle, and the other side raiding you and it was quite simply fun.  I know this will probably be very subjective.  I would like to see this built up as a Guild vs Guild in Pantheon.  Each guild can build up their fortress, and based on average levels can accept war with other guilds and you can raid each other's guild fortress.  Again this should be something that each side accepts, unless you build out in what would be considered contested lands, then you are open for attack whenever.  Just my spin on it.

    4. Class Story Lines - While SWTOR had some things I disagreed with, their class story lines were just awesome.  I enjoyed most of the stories from start to finish, and it really made me want to level up each class to see what happens.  The little I played of a game coming out soon that might still be under nda, so I won't mention it, also had some neat racial story lines.  I think the focus on these individual story lines gives some of that solo element that people can do while they aren't doing group based things is a nice hook.  It also gets people invested in their character, because you play it a certain way (Dark side or light side in SWTOR) and you RP'd the heck out of it haha.

    5. Non Invasive Questing - Everquest had this and I miss it.  The quests were there, you didn't have to pick them up to get it, if you happened to loot an item you could turn it in at your leisure.  I remember filling up bags full of orc belts to turn in at Freeport, I didn't have to do it, but it was there.  I want to see more of this.  So running a dungeon is not about going and getting the quest, then running back turn it in, get the next quest, and running abck into there.  I want a dungeon I can go into with a group, it may take an hour or two to clear, and I collect items that I know people are looking for and turn them in for my reward.  No hand holding or forcing the back and forth turn ins.  You could still have tiered quests, but they don't open until you do the first part.  You can still have journals that track your progression through quests.  I really like in eq that you had that Zork type interaction with them to find out what they wanted.  /say What black stone?  .. npc says  "The black stone held by the witch in the wailing caverns"  I really liked that part of it.


    Those are my top 5, I'm sure I missed a thing or two, and tomorrow if I have time I'll post my top 5 failings in modern MMOs.  Again I just want to point out this is my opinion, so feel free to disagree, but please let me know why.  I like the spirit of the debate.

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