Why I Support Brad and Team's Vision

  • Let me start off by saying I have always been an RPG fan for as long as I can remember *cough* Zork.  I have also been a huge fan of technology, in fact I am a software developer in the financial industry, so needless to say when I had first heard the concept of MMO, I was thrilled.  I started off in Ultima Online, and it was alright, but it lacked something for me.  I know a lot of people played it, and enjoyed it, and I'm not saying it was a bad game, just not a game for me.  

    In late 99 I picked up Everquest, and rolled a Dark Elf Cleric and I was in this massive 3D world in first person slashing at skeletons with my rusty dagger and I couldn't stop.  Until I died and I couldn't figure out how to get out of the city, then I drowned deep in Nektulos because I didn't know how to swim.  I think I lost hundreds of items due to corpse rot, and was frustrated as all hell.  Everything had consequences, and while it irked me, I came to love it at the same time.  I could kill a guard, but then after killing enough of them they hated me and would kill me back.  

    I didn't quit the game then, in fact some one decided to help me out.  They walked me around the town, showed me where to go to get out, and how to find my trainer, and even gave me some good stuff he had crafted.  Later on they would come by and check on me, buff and heal me if I needed it, and eventually I joined his guild.  I thought it a rarity, but it wasn't.  The deeper I got into the game, the more I realized how much consequence played a role in maintaining the community.  As a group based game, you couldn't do much with out aid from others, so if you spurned a player, or were in general an ass, people black balled you from groups.  Your character for all intents and purposes became dead.  For me that sold MMO and I gave up console gaming from that day on.  I eventually recruited real life friends to play, and we maintain contact and excitement for future MMO's.

    I played them all and have been disappointed, WoW, SWOTG, EQ2, Rift, DOAC, and I can go on.  Some of those games were alright, but they broke something in MMO's for me.  They catered to a solo crowd, their communities were horrible, no one really helped anyone.  You ask simple questions in general chat and get responses like 'Google It', instead of taking time to answer or help out a player.  Again, they did some cool things for the MMO community, but most just weren't for me.  I like having smart encounters, where you need a team of players who know what they are doing to accomplish a task.  It really feels like an accomplishment.  Most those games mentioned, I can run through a raid with a pick up group, and spam a few skills and you are done.  I felt no sense of accomplishment.

    Almost done, I promise haha.  Then Vanguard: Saga of Heroes comes along, they push group content again, I had a lot of friends coming back into the MMO scene because they too were excited for what was coming.  Rushed launch aside, the game was beautiful, and it pushed that group content again, and I saw people working to get groups and aid each other again.  I enjoyed it again, but even better, they introduced the sphere system.  The sphere system was something I believe is the future of MMO, imagine playing a game and advancing through it how you want to, if you don't want to adventure, you don't have to.  You can level a different sphere, crafting, riding, diplomacy, harvesting, (pvp even, I always envisioned pvp as a separate realm of advancement, so those skills can be balanced and not break the cool class abilities for adventuring.)

    That is why I will support Brad and Team's vision, because something they are doing resonates as the correct way of doing things for me.  

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