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  • 5 Areas MMOs Went Wrong

    This is subjective, but these are 5 areas where I believe modern MMO's have gone wrong.   5 Areas Modern MMO's Have Failed Story - I put this as number one, because I am often finding myself breaking immersion because the story line does not make sense.  Or quests have no relevance. &...
  • Top 5 MMO Ideas or Concepts

    I want to state up front, this is my opinion, so you may have a different list and that is fine. Top 5 MMO Ideas or Concepts Vanguard - Introducing the Sphere system.  Most people probably barely noticed what I found to be a revolutionary concept, and that was the concept of being able to l...
  • Why I Support Brad and Team's Vision

    Let me start off by saying I have always been an RPG fan for as long as I can remember *cough* Zork.  I have also been a huge fan of technology, in fact I am a software developer in the financial industry, so needless to say when I had first heard the concept of MMO, I was thrilled.  I sta...