On Fan Fiction

  • There aren't a lot of Fan Fiction entries yet, which is understandable considering the lore is still in its infancy.  I just thought I would talk a little about it from my own perspective.  Fan Fiction is more of an homage to the intellectual property of others.  It's often written in the universe of another book, but in the Age of MMORPGs(tm), it can have other very personal aspects.  As Hannar has shown in his Fan Fiction, it can be based upon your character(s) from a beloved MMORPG, or an adventuring group of players you were a part of.   Dragonlance was based on a campaign a group of TSR employees were playing and turned into bestselling books and TSR campaign modules.  There are so many possibilities available and as Vhalen has stated, at some point VR may hold some writing contests where the winner's work may get incorporated into offical Pantheon canon .

    So break out those word processors (or pens if you're old school) and read up on the lore we have already, then start thinking of what story you would like to see in the world of Terminus. 


    Fan Fiction is located here and my own story starts in Forlaen's Mind Dump.  Where will your story take you?

  • BlueEyedGator
    BlueEyedGator Where are all the ghost-writers when you (meaning me) need them?! Thanks for sharing Forlaen
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  • Prag
    Prag I kinda like to consider myself a less than talented novelist, and have written many storylines associated with my own pseudo fantasy worlds. I think it would be nice if Brad and team gave us the latitude to offer up some story lines circulating around...  more
    March 30, 2014