Ageism in MMORPGs

  • Like quite a few people around these parts, I've been gaming for a long time.  My first electronic game was a Matel Football handheld back in the 1970s.  That was so addictive that my parents took it away and forbade the use of any electronic games until after I graduated from high school, lol.  I spent many many hours at friend's playing on their Commodore 64s (switch disks!) with games like Ultima 1-4, and classic D&D games like Pool of Radiance, Secret of the Silver Blades, Curse of the Azure Bonds and so on.  I was 21 when I got my own computer, a PC.  I cut my teeth on Doom, Doom II, Secret of Monkey Island, and the wonderful Wing Commander series while I was in the Air Force.  I kind of skipped MUDs and went straight into EverQuest a few months before turning 30.  


    If you're doing your math correctly, I am indeed 44 now and one of the things I've begun to experience as MMOs have changed the last 5-7 years is ageism.  As games get fasters and "twitchier", I get a lot of attitude from the younger players because I can't keep up with them anymore.  I have slight arthritis now and simply cannot do the things I used to.  Does that mean I should be forced to leave gaming?  The message game designers have been sending is Yes.  Games are getting faster and faster and pushing those of us on the high end of the age bracket out.  One of the things I hear most often is, "You shouldn't even be playing games.  You should be working and stuff, as if anyone over teh age of 30 ceases to have a life and simply becomes a work machine, going to an office somewhere, coming home to a TV and a bed.  We might get to mow a lawn on the weekend or fix the roof, but we definitely shouldn't be having fun anymore.


    Since learning about Pantheon, I have been both excited and cautious about the rather vague statements Brad has made regarding the pace of combat the game will feature.  What I need is something that flows, not requiring a 0.5 sec reaction time to respond to an incoming attack, but also I'd like it at least a bit faster than old EQ1.  EQ1 was the monster in it's day, but even by my brokendown old standards, it's slow.  At the moment I'm playing EQ2 and that seems pretty good pace-wise and what little I experienced of Vanguard was a pretty good pace.  I sincerely hope that when 2017 rolls around, I am capable of playing Pantheon.  Please don't shut out the old and unfortunate.  I don't want to be put out to gaming pasture just yet :)

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  • eolith
    eolith As a 38 year old, I'm not far behind you. I don't plan on ever letting gaming exit my life, it's a genetic passion I've passed on to my children. I do enjoy my time with the FPS multiplayer games, but it's clear I'm no longer at the top of my game (yuk...  more
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  • Forlaen
    Forlaen It depends on the game. I get this A LOT in WoW, which is one of the many reasons I quit. I don't feel it at all in EQ2 though. I never once got any attitude from someone in LOTRO. It's got a lot to do with the community the particular game attracts.
    February 20, 2014