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  • Ideas

    Just a list of ideas...not sure where else to put them. Thoughts on a way to curb gold sellers. Thoughts on climate system (blog comments too)
  • MLMP: EQ's Faction System

    EverQuest (EQ) has a fairly unique faction system in the MMOG world that I haven't really seen implemented elsewhere. I think it really adds to the fun of the game and creates a dynamic experience that can be vastly different for different characters. If you don't know what faction means, it's basic...
  • MLMP: MMO Lingo Mo' Problems!

    There have been a few posts from people mentioning not knowing what others are talking about. This is completely reasonable, as MMOGs are complex environments and each one is different, with its own mechanics and often terminology. I don't know much about Eve or GW2 or FFXVIOU and can't always under...