New Interview with Joppa and Montreseur - On WASD Radio

  • Pantheon Community,

    We are happy to release another interview with Sam Skatch - WASD Radio featuring our very own Chris Perkins (Joppa) and John Diasparra (Monty) speaking about new Environment Art and World Building plus other Pantheon related discussion, so head on over to WASD Radio and check it out!

    Sam Skatch Ep 15


    Chris and John can be heard at the 11 minute mark and we want to send out a big thanks to Sam Skatch and our friends over at WASD Radio for having us on again!


    Pantheon Team

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  • Skatch
    Skatch A huge thanks to Monty, and Joppa for joining us. It was a huge pleasure for us. It is really great to hear some insights to the development process. Pantheon is something to get a bit excited for, but dont take my word for it. Listen to the interview,...  more
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  • Saphreal
    Saphreal This was really great guys. Thanks for promoting the game and keeping us informed on the development.
    February 28, 2015