Pantheon Update: 2.20.15

  • Hey everyone! Excited to share our first video update of 2015!


    As we said at the beginning of this year: we are making a consciousness shift to raise the bar of Pantheon's visual quality, while not compromising performance. We have put a great amount of energy and research into making the Unity Engine give us everything its got! We've purposely not shown much of the game during this time until some of these visual overhauls had been completed and streamlined. Now we're ready to share some of the fruit of this work in today's update. This video is focused on highlighting our new World Building and Environmental Art workflow, and the visual improvements of this new pipeline.


    This video is meant to be fairly concise and informative - we hope you enjoy it! Stay tuned for a more gameplay-focused video coming out towards the end of next week!


    Pantheon Update Video

  • Pharonethegnome
    Pharonethegnome If only I could put on a VR headset and step IN to this world instead of looking AT the world on a monitor.
    February 25, 2015
  • Fizen
    Fizen wow this is starting to look insane, nice work. can't wait to jump in
    February 28, 2015
  • Lokkia
    Lokkia I'm very impressed by the visuals and what you're doing with the Unity engine. Really great work team! Watch out for sharp edged straight lines on the ancient looking stone work!
    February 28, 2015
  • Khuul99
    Khuul99 Looks great, it's always a plus I'm very curious to see the game play as well though.
    February 28, 2015