• The 14th Day of Cloudraes


    Hail Terminusians!


    Our world has taken a great hit, greater than any planar collision. I am sure we all have heard by now that game development is on hold. It has been stated by management that the game lives on and future investors will be sought. What we, the LORE4, do going forward between here and there is done out of love for the world and love for this great community. I am uncertain of what will happen, but the LORE4 will not abandon the community that we see as friends and fellow adventurers.


    The LORE4 and Lore Irregulars will continue to complete the established lore schedule and deliver more tales, source material and fansite support for as long as we can. For those who remain true to the course, we are here with you.


    For those that departed, know that your input and presence will be missed, but the LORE4 understands your actions. We shall always consider you as part of the lore community and hope to work or play alongside you in future days.


    This coming week you can expect to see Gnolls featured in most of our lore updates. The lore department has been working on them for sometime now. We have some great concept art created for the Creature Feature and we even have a Fable that utilizes the gnolls as a warning to the children of Terminus. This and more will be headed to the universe of Pantheon this week.




    Speaking for myself, I am honored to serve this community and consider myself one with you before all else.


    Till Yonder!



    Vhalen * Rapha * Illiyenia * Miserere