The 7th Day of Cloudraes


    Hail Terminusians!


    Welcome to the second LORE4 Blog. Before I begin, I’d like to kick myself in the rear for misspelling Illiyenia’s name last week. “Don’t forget the second ‘I’!” Sorry about that Illi.


    We’ve not been slowing down here at LORE4 HQ. We have been moving on to work on the things you will be experiencing this and the following months. I am continuing to direct work on Kingsreach updates. Look for them throughout the month. I will also be working with Dunkelsonne to bring you some artwork and lore that relates to this homeland of the Briggaens. One of those upcoming projects is our take on a traditional flea-bitten race for a future Creature Feature. We also have something exciting coming this week, Ogres! Looking beyond that, you will be seeing something else I have begun work on, the Wastes of Terminus! As for the rest of the LORE4, let’s see what they have been working on. Read on!



    The beginning of Cloudraes (April for those who don’t know. ^-^) started with a belly full of laughter as we celebrated the first official holiday of Pantheon, Laughing Fool’s Day. Kicking off at midnight, the Archway Comedy Club hosted the daylong celebration, welcoming all to her stage, and offering a wide range of exclusive lore and interaction to those who joined in. I believe it was a success and would like to thank everyone who supported this off-the-wall fun day. It’s something that I would like to continue doing in the future, allowing other members of the community to influence the shaping of the club and, who knows? Maybe even you could be hired on at the ACC, the entertaining gem of Terminus, and work with me on this project.


    Another thing to note during Laughing Fool’s Day is the release of a fake rendition of the taurokian naming convention. I know you weren’t all convinced by my “udderly” laughable display but a comedy writer has to have her entertainment once in a while. With that being said, I believe it’s time to release the real taurokian naming convention. You’ll find it on the taurokian lore page along with other insightful information that you will sure to love!


    Lastly, I want to take a quick moment to talk about my main project that I’ve been working on. In last week’s blog, I revealed that I developed the ogre language, Gruun. This was a huge and exciting project for me that I am sure those who love conlangs will appreciate it. It’s also an ongoing project so keep an eye out for more info! But I wanted to be the first to discuss my next project, Etryan. For those who don’t know, Etryan is the language of the Do’Etryan (Dark Elves) and the Fal’Etryan (Wood Elves). I’ve already started the project but to get the community more involved in how this actual language will develop, I’m going to start working on a blog of my own and make it available to everyone.



    I am very excited about this upcoming week with more ogre information coming out.  For those of you who don't know, I have been working closely with Skatch and others at KTAM radio to bring the lore to life.  I can't wait to see what happens when Skatch and Lord Savant run into these "Brutal Behemoths!"  Over on The Athenaeum we have made Thundersul our Heroes Day, which means on that day you will find the latest story about our heroes of Terminus.  Last but not least, the human Trinariad Pantheon will be taking on life as we begin work on discovering the details of whom Nexus plucked from the world of Daera.  (Oh! And one was already mentioned in Skatch's show last Friday.  Did you catch it?)



    Not only has this last week been extremely busy for us all, but also the coming weeks are packed full of projects we’re working on. Don’t forget to check the updated Taurokian Lore page for details on their culture and society.


    Up first this week you’ll see the 4th installment of the Thief saga. Imago’s Luck will bring the Thief’s story to a resolution. We may even see more of him in the future. At the end of the week a new and different hero saga will commence. Make sure to keep an eye on the Athenaeum for more hero installments.


    Second – I’ve been slowly compiling a Racial Appearances document. This is nearing completion and we’re looking forward to brainstorming the finer points in the coming weeks, along with input from the Visionary Realms Artists.


    And Lastly – I’ve begun the framework for our first Lore Irregular project. Hint: Only one race can reside in the Dead Ridges. This is an exciting step in our hero tales and I can’t wait to show everyone what we’re working on.


    Stay tuned as this amazing world becomes more and more intricate.


    Till Yonder!


    (Logo On Its Way)