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  • Hail Terminusians!


    Welcome to the fourth and final Lore Blog. Our dearly beloved Lore Blog has served us well, but it is time to send him to pasture. Farewell Lore Blog!


    Now let’s all welcome the new LORE4 Blog!


    I have long been working with my 3 trusty Lore Assistants as leader of the LORE4. Many of you already know them: Miserere, Rapha and Illiyenia. From now on you shall get a weekly report from each of us here at LORE4 HQ. Each has their specialty and realm of influence within the universe of Pantheon. Without them riding into battle with me, Terminus might just crumble. Ok! It might not crumble, but it would have a little less charm. I trust them for their talents and their friendship. Together, we will serve the community fearlessly. I won’t bore you any longer. This week I did this and that around Terminus; zone lists, creature lists, Kingsreach map, style guide and stocking up on Cheez-Its. Now let’s hear what the rest of the LORE4 have been up to.  



    It’s hard to believe how fast this week has come and gone. It’s been very busy so let me touch on a few of the high areas. First, I was keeping it a surprise but now, it’s not, so SURPRISE! But I’ve been hard at work creating the official ogre language, Gruun. The first part of the series, Introduction to Gruun, will highlight just the basics of the language as it is set to release in the near future. I plan to continue updating and blogging as to how I’ve created this language and what I plan to do with it. It was a unique challenge and one that I have enjoyed working on. So keep watching the forums as I release more information about Gruun, how you can learn to speak it and use it for your roleplaying purposes, and much more! Not only that, I am hard at work drafting the next language so stay tuned in!


    Second, I know I have spent most of my time working on the language but I also plan on releasing the third installment of the Kittywampus series. This story will tie into a much larger story and isn’t all just about a silly little cat. It is defiantly a read that you will not want to miss out on.


    Thirdly, the naming conventions are something that I plan on continuing to expand. With the taurokian being the newest released playable race, I plan to release their naming convention in the future. So get your thinking caps on, ladies and goblins, because it’s coming!



    Bringing the lore to the community through fansites is of importance to us, the Lore4.  As mentioned, the Athenaeum has found Rapha delivering tales about the Heroes of Terminus to you, The Seekers of Pantheon.  This week will be no exception so keep an eye out for what is coming!  PJPantheon.com is another good place to go for lore updates and discussions.   Who knows, maybe you'll even see Vhalen dropping a gem of knowledge in those discussions.  The crazy guys over at KTAMradio.com will also be doing their usual discussions and story telling this week.  Sam Skatch, Lord Savant, and Shtako will be continuing their journeys across the realm of Kingsreach.  Make sure to tune in Friday nights for the live show or Saturday afternoons for the reruns to find out what trouble they will manage to find.  Monday Aftermath show typically brings up lore at some point along with their discussion of the Rob&Dan roundtable.  Listen or watch closely to each of these places for lore details you can't find elsewhere!  You never know when we will be giving away another area or artifact in the Pantheon world by testing your knowledge of the information put out there.  Remember, Knowledge is Key.



    This week will see the third installment of the Thief saga, first in a series of tales about the Heroes of Terminus. Should you not have read them yet, they’re posted over on the Athenaeum. These stories give a glimpse into gnome trove lords, Do’Etryan and the planestalker, as well as the Ethosian mythos. Over the next few weeks we’ll be finishing the Thief saga and introducing you to two more exciting Heroes of Terminus. We’ll even begin tapping into our Lore Irregulars. Make sure to keep an eye on lore revelations as in the next several weeks we’ll be working on racial appearances. It’s an exciting time for the world of Pantheon and the Heroes of Terminus.


    Well that’s a wrap for this week Terminusians. This is Vhalen signing off and reminding you rise to the challenge and join the community.


    Till Yonder!


    (Logo Coming Soon)

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  • Max63
    Max63 Kittywampus is one of my favorites so far! So,I am glad it is going to play a part in the larger story. I was really hoping for that! Now, back to working on my taxes
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