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  • Hail Terminusians!


    Welcome to our third Lore Blog. The LORE4 has been busier than ever and there seems to be no slowing down. I hope you all had a chance to read the first chapter in our initial Heroes Tales. It is called “The Trove Lord” and it can be found at the Athenaeum (www.lorelibrary.com). This short tale will give a glimpse into the infamous rogue called Imago, one of many legendary characters you will be reading about in the coming months. We hope these stories can give you a small experience of life in Terminus and possibly reveal secrets that have never been told. We plan on bringing you one four-part tale every month or so. I am even considering giving some volunteers a chance to create some of these tales. If you are interested in writing a four-part short story that is directed by one of the LORE4, please contact Rapha and let her know. We will then work to find you the foundation of your tales of Terminus in the coming months.


    We had a fun time celebrating KTAM Radio’s anniversary this past Friday. In case you missed it, they had an eight-hour show with the community sharing their first experiences with KTAM. VR helped hold a trivia contest and community member Sogotp was the lucky winner of an isle off the coast of Kingsreach. Only on KTAM could such dreams come true. I have been working with Beck and Skatch of KTAM since my “defiant” days. They are some of the best people I know and they are very creative when it comes to expanding the world of any game they choose to follow. Pantheon is one of these games and we hope to work with KTAM to develop more Pantheon related content. I urge you all to visit and support them. I know I will be.


    Another message goes out to all you community members that will be developing content as part of your pledge rewards. These rewards might be quests, weapons, and more. I know it might be some time before we actually begin creating the in-game content, but I feel we can start exchanging lore ideas ahead of time. We might even see if we can get some items listed in our official wiki here on Portal. I hope that is something you would be interested in. Keep watching this blog and very soon I will be telling you how we can start collaborating on your wonders of Terminus.


    Finally… a short message: Keep your senses tuned because something new is charging your way on Tuesday.


    Till Yonder

    Tony “Vhalen” Garcia

    Lore Director of Pantheon