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    Hail Terminusians!


    Welcome to the second Lore Blog. Since our first blog the Lore 4, with the support of a couple of early Lore Irregulars, has delivered; the Triundan Calendar, the Cosmos, the Taurokian Lore, the Taurokian War Chant, and the Racial Naming Conventions. (OH! Don’t forget the Archway Comedy Club Lore.) We hope to continue with this depth of content, but it shall become a challenge. We will do our best and the first wave of Lore Irregulars will be an important part of the attack.


    What to expect in the coming weeks? We have been preparing a number of lore updates that include such things as a Kingsreach map and the first Artifact Lore. Along with these updates will be the arrival of a series of short stories about the Heroes of Terminus. These will be tales of the legendary figures that have left their mark on the world and whose powerful artifacts hide throughout Terminus. These tales will be coming out in short chapters, some on this site and others on fan sites such as the Athenaeum. Our first tale will feature a mysterious Do’Etryan planestalker known only as Imago. Look for it soon.


    Something else I would like to mention is the Pantheon content you can find on fellow Pantheon sites. We have been working with such sites as KTAM Radio, the Rob and Dan Show and the Athenaeum to deliver Pantheon content to the community. This content can range from lore, roundtables, contests, and much more. We also hope to do more for great sites like Project Pantheon and fansites in development. I urge all of the Pantheon community to visit these sites and support them as they have supported us. I know many of you already do. These sites are important to us as a growing community and they sometimes offer unique perspectives of the Pantheon universe.


    The final topic I want to mention is Fan Fiction. It has been a rough start for Fan Fiction. The Wiki site was not set with the appropriate restrictions and the monthly organization is not perfect for allowing authors to keep their works in one place. The Lore 4 is aware of this and we are working this week to make the changes necessary. It might be early for fan fiction, but I want you to know that your tales and art have an official place on our Wiki: Fan Fiction. Please direct your feedback to Rapha or me. We want to know what we can do to expand this area of Wiki to work for all of us.


    Thank you all for your continued support and together let’s continue the march to Terminus!


    Till Yonder

    Tony “Vhalen” Garcia

    Lore Director of Pantheon