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  • Hail Terminusians!


    I have been on many MMO projects, but never have I been part of the community driven one we have here in Pantheon. From the ground up, we want your feedback and input and we will use that to help shape the world. This is why I want to start this weekly Pantheon Lore Blog to inform the community of what rumblings are going on in the lore department.


    One of the more important items I wanted to inform you about is the Volunteer Lore program, or the Lore Irregulars as I fondly call them. The Lore Irregulars are those of you in the community that have subscribed and hope to participate in the shaping of the lore behind Pantheon. So far, I have numerous members showing their interest in doing just that. Already we have Lore Irregulars like Raphael supporting the lore team with fantastic artwork. We can’t wait to work with more of you. However, what I found is that it can become quite overwhelming, especially with the foundations of lore still being developed, some of which takes shape by community feedback and ideas. Always keep in mind that this project is like no other. You are seeing the game being developed from the ground up. In a conventional product, you would never see the fiction being developed. It would just be presented to you. We need to establish the foundation before we bring volunteers on board. (Although there are exception in regard to project needs.) We would love to have all of you help that show interest, but we will begin in the next few weeks with a trickle.


    What you can do now if you wish to assist in lore development is send a message to our Rapha on our official website. She is one of the lore teams members and will gather your information. The Subject of the message should read Lore Volunteer. I’d like to hear what your talent or area of expertise is. Do you love writing stories, creating backgrounds; are you an artist who wants to help support lore with imagery? All these need to be known along with the area you are most interested in. We will inform you when I receive the message and add you to the list of Lore Irregulars. Then, when work is available, the Lore 4 will come calling! Who are the Lore 4? Glad you asked.


    I work with a core team of lore keepers. Together we ended up calling ourselves the Lore 4. Because what kind of team can we be without a catchy name? This small team you most likely have already met. The purple names here are: Miserere, Rapha, Illyenia and myself, Vhalen. We can help direct the volunteers and answer lore questions if possible. When I am busy, these Lore Keepers should be able to help direct the tasks of the Lore Irregulars.


    So prepare for the journey as a community and let’s begin to write the great tales of Terminus.


    Till Yonder!

    Tony “Vhalen” Garcia

    Lore Director of Pantheon

  • Max63
    Max63 I love this idea. I can already tell you Kittywampus has become one of my favorite lore stores so far, both a "Cats Tail, 1 and 2. I hope to hear more of his adventures, and I sure hope to see him someday in Terminus
    March 14, 2014
  • Max63
    Max63 Maquiame I look forward to reading any thing you contribute to the lore. Please feel free to use my beautiful human shaman in a story
    March 14, 2014 - 1 likes this
  • Maquiame
    Maquiame Aw Max, don't make me blush.... Besides finish your 100 questions first so you can tell me about her before I use her in anything.
    March 14, 2014 - 1 likes this
  • Max63
    Max63 ok, working on it.
    March 14, 2014 - 1 likes this