The 28th Day of Cloudraes


    Hail Terminusians!


    This is Vhalen and after being a bit under the weather, I am back in action! Many thanks to Rapha for stepping up to bring you the Lore Blog last week. Aside from being an amazing lore writer she is also the Community Manager for the LORE4. When volunteers send lore related messages, they all go through Rapha and she also looks out for the community and fan sites for both Pantheon and the LORE4. Thanks, Rapha!


    Lately, things have been feeling like a ghost town around here. I find myself wandering the streets and dark alleys of “Portal Town,” rarely running into any Terminusians. The threats to this world have driven many to hide or even migrate elsewhere. Occasionally, I do find survivors huddling in the Chat Room where we speak about the lingering dangers and seeds of hope for the world we have all come to love called Terminus. Hope? Yes, there is hope. And as long is there is hope and as long as there is community, there will be a place for the LORE4.


    We of the LORE4 will be bringing you some exciting Pantheon Lore on the Athenaeum and here as well. The great realm of Kingsreach will finally be revealed and we also hope to go into detail about one special landmark found there. The Belle of the Bay! Working with KTAM Radio, we have planned some Terminus adventures that center on this tavern that originated in the early ages of one Sam Skatch. Look to see some lore behind the Belle of the Bay as well as tuning into visit the Belle of the Bay on KTAM Radio’s Sam Skatch show this Samysul (Friday) at 6pm Kingsreach (Pacific) Time. Vhalen himself might even be heard strumming his electric lute in the tavern stage. Rock on!


    One final note, I hope to work with devs and community to lower the scope of the game. We have far too many zones and races for a community driven project like ours. I’ve seen far too many projects do the same and fail to meet their goals and a large army of developers supported those games! No, we must be smarter. Hopefully you will hear more of this in weeks to come.


    Till Yonder!

    Vhalen * Rapha * Illiyenia * Miserere * Raphael (The 5th Horsemen)

  • CanadinaXegony
    CanadinaXegony I guess we have time to look closer at this issue of having far too many zones and races for a community driven project such as ours, thanks for alerting us to this Vhalen, and hope to see some interaction between you and our current team in the future. ...  more
    May 8, 2014
  • Xandarra
    Xandarra I can remember Brad mentioning feature creep way back during the kickstarter and when I saw the Taurokians appear it made me think of that comment he made. I too feel that the game needs reducing somewhat to become a reality, once it is being played and...  more
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  • Xandarra
    Xandarra Oops just realise that is an older post, but I still stand by my comment above.
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